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Gaming Retro-bution in Brighton!

Most of you probably know by now that Brighton is my home away from home. I love the city and I’m always on the hunt for new geeky events to tell everyone...

Gaming Lyfe

Fan Film: The Lord Inquisitor Looks Amazing

Fan Film: The Lord Inquisitor Looks Amazing If you are a geek like me, at some point you’ve come across the table top plastic crack of Warhammer 40,000. I...

Film & TV Lyfe

Say It Aint So: Adventure Time Ending In 2018

Say It Aint So: Adventure Time Ending In 2018 A show near and dear to many of our hearts, Adventure Time is set to end in 2018. Cartoon Network revealed that th...

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Cosplay Lyfe

Cosplayer Of The Week: Polyjuice Cosplay

Cosplayer Of The Week: Polyjuice Cosplay Hey friends! Good morning, I hope you are all doing well and are preparing for a wonderful day that leads to a fantasti...

We are The Geek Lyfe and we’re a group of geeks who are incredibly passionate about our interests since 2013. We find news, write out our opinions, give lists of geeky facts, interview our favorite cosplayers, authors, artists etc. Our main goal is to provide entertaining content that includes our fan base as a whole and equally represents all of us geeks from Anime lovers to D&D players, we’re going to have something you’ll be interested in! We also swear to have the utmost integrity as possible. We like or dislike things with all honesty and zero influence.

We try to do our best in helping foster a great community and to do that we constantly reach out to fellow geeks with projects and try to cover them and promote them to help spread the word. If you are interested in being interviewed for your Cosplay, Novel, Comic Book, Youtube Series or anything else, send us an email at!

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