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Phoenix Symphony: Super Heroes

Phoenix Symphony: Super Heroes 

I have always loved the symphony and have a deep appreciation for classical musical. Unfortunately, I had never had the pleasure of attending a symphony myself, I had always watched videos of performances on Youtube or listened to the incredible music on various music outlets. Imagine my surprise when a fellow writer for Geek Lyfe mentioned to me that Phoenix Symphony was not only affordable but also covered a range of material including geeky themes. After he attended their video game performance rePLAY: Symphony of Heroes, he could not give them enough praise and informed me that there was a performance that he would be unable to attend and asked if I might be able to go in his place. I happily agreed and was excited to discover that it was themed around the beloved genre of super heroes!IMG_20150927_135313102

I must open this up by saying that these bastards who run The Phoenix Symphony knew exactly what they were doing when they scheduled performances such as rePLAY, Super Heroes, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more. I was filled with such disappointment when I was unable to attend rePLAY earlier in the year because listening to my all time favorite soundtracks in a professional setting is one of my, and without a doubt a majority of my fellow geeks, greatest dreams. How ever suggested adding geeky themed events to their roster nailed it completely.

When I found out the theme for this performance was Super Heroes I was over the moon with excitement, I talked myself out of dressing up into my favorite Green Lantern shirt in fear that I would be considered unprofessional. What a pleasant surprise it was to find other members of the crowd cosplayed as their favorite super heroes and a number of children dressed up as well. I foolishly expected the performance to be catered to strictly adults but instead found a good size of the audience were in fact children. Nothing warms the heart more than seeing a seven year old batman attempt to drag his mom into the auditorium as fast as possible because he was that excited to see the symphony.

I will admit that I was terrified that I would have fallen asleep during the performance. Not at all because of the symphony but because the entire weekend I had to move furniture around and was utterly exhausted, it also did not help that I already fall asleep at the drop of a dime(Not to mention the seats are comfortable and the music is pleasant). That is when the wonderful guys and gals of the Phoenix Symphony stepped in after the first few songs and announced to everyone that in between certain songs they would have mini events where they would bring kids onto the stage with ‘Thunder Hawk’ a superhero who taught everyone how to be a superhero by having them lift weights, use their spidy sense, and even lift Mjolnir, Thor’s mighty hammer! In the end, they had to use their new found powers to defeat the dastardly Mastermind. It was a nice break from the music and kept me awake during the performance and also worked on keeping the children engaged!

Crowd getting to their seats before the performance.

Crowd getting to their seats before the performance.

The performers themselves were fantastic! I was blown about by how talented both the conductor, Matthew Kasper, and the musicians were. The Phoenix Symphony played a number of classic songs such as the Superman theme, Danny Elfman’s songs from Batman Returns to Spider Man, Thor, Iron Man and the list goes on. Every song struck a chord with myself and the audience as we all let our geeky flags fly high, welcoming each song more so than the last because it made us feel the same way we felt when we first saw our favorite super hero on the shelves at comic book stores or watched a film about a super hero. I listen to a lot of these soundtracks every week and I have to admit that I personally thought the Phoenix Symphony was as good if not better than the originals.

Overall, my experience at The Phoenix Symphony was nothing short of wonderful! I had high expectations going in and they were exceeded ten fold due to not only the amazing performance of the musicians, but also the audience, events in between the songs, and the willingness to even perform soundtracks from Super Hero films! I give major props to everyone at the Phoenix Symphony because they did a great job!


NOTE: I apologize for the photo quality, I used my camera phone and refused to take video or photos during the event out of respect to the symphony.

Disclaimer: We were provided free tickets by The Phoenix Symphony in exchange for our fair and honest review. 

Darth Mexican loves trying to help the community in any way he can. Marching for Black Lives Matter, attending rallies for LGBTQ rights, protesting what he feels hurts the common folk, and more! DeAngelo won't stop until the world is a better place!

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