We all saw it coming: Porn meets the Oculus Rift

A 3D head set allowing the player to see what his character sees as though it's through his/her very own eyes has been the dream of many gamers ever since we started this hobby. Having as much immersion in the game as possible, hell, I know of quite a few gamers who'd love the chance to have a Sword Art Online or Log Horizon situation happen to them so they could leave reality behind and fully become apart of their game of choice. From all the reports that continue to come in, it seems that Oculus Rift is well on it's way to being a good, quality product that will make our wildest dreams come true. And it was only a matter of time before porn found it's way into the system to help their viewers fully immerse themselves in their wildest...err...other fantasies. The good folks at Complex gathered a few people together of mixed genders and threw them into the very first VR Porn. Watch on...

First Impressions: Heroes of the Storm(Closed Beta)

With Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, Heroes of Newarth, Smite and so on filling the market and attracting gamers with their fast paced action, free to play system and challenging game play. Originally the MOBA begin with DOTA, which was a mod off of Warcraft 3 that grew in massive popularity over time. For any gamers out there who have never played a MOBA, it features ten players typically that are split into teams of five. Each hero has unique abilities, roles and various options to help increase certain stats in the battle. Riot Games later capitalized on the success of DOTA by releasing League of Legends in October 27 of 2009. Since it's launch the game has exploded with players. Every year the world tournaments grew in audience as well as stadium size. Many of their community came from World of Warcraft players discontent with the expansion at the time, Cataclysm. Finding forty minute matches, unique champions and the incredible range of item combinations refreshing from the huge time investment that WoW required from it's players. To this day it remains one of the most popular games to play and also watch on various streaming websites such as Twitch.tv. It was not long before Blizzard Entertainment entered the genre with a game of their own. This game is Heroes of the Storm.