Month: November 2015

SuicideGirls: Blackheart Burlesque Review

SuicideGirls: Blackheart Burlesque Review As a woman who has donned facial piercings, blue hair, and tattoos, SuicideGirls has always been near and dear to my heart. These women promote confidence and beauty within themselves as opposed to trying to meet the standards set by others. In addition to being absolutely stunning, SuicideGirls put on a show called Blackheart Burlesque which features fant...[Read More]

Has DLC Gone Too Far?

Has DLC Gone Too Far? I am a Gamer.  I love to play games, whether they be table-top, PC, or console.   I love to play games.  Over the years, video games have grown exponentially, in size, story, graphic fidelity and so on.  These have been welcome changes, as they’ve brought amazing stories and interactive experiences that were just not possible 10+ years ago.  As games have gotten larger, so ha...[Read More]

November Loot Crate Unboxing

November Loot Crate Unboxing (with Overwatch beta) Join me, Powerforce, as I unbox my latest Loot Crate for the month of November! If you ever need to be convinced to partake in these monthly specials then feel free to watch all of my unboxing videos. If you’d like to check out Loot Crate for yourself, you can head to their website here. Thanks for watch...[Read More]

Diablo: The Red Headed Step Child

Diablo: The Red Headed Step Child At one time the Diablo franchise was one of the biggest and well loved games that Blizzard Entertainment had ever produced. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Diablo focuses on being an average run of the mill adventurer in a grim world filled of demons, undead, and so much more. The enemies are numerous and the challenges are daunting yet you, the player, c...[Read More]

Review: The Steam Link

  Review: The Steam Link As much as I like pc gaming, there has always been something relaxing about being able to hop on the couch with a cold beer, grab a controller, and load up an awesome slice of gaming. Having finally built a rig powerful enough to play the games I want I’ve always wanted to be able to do this time honored relaxing tradition. Extremely long HDMI cables trailing from my ...[Read More]

Review: Fallout 4

Oh Fallout 4, the songs of your greatness did little justice for the splendor that is you. Full disclosure before we get started, I own all of the Fallout games but have yet to play any for longer than 30 minutes prior to picking up Fallout 4. I wondered to myself how this could be possible since all Bethesda games have been right up my alley, then I remembered that I didn’t own a PC or Play...[Read More]

Steam Machine released, along with huge game sale!

Steam Machine released, along with huge game sale! With Valve’s new game box, the Steam Machine, being released, they have also upped the ante by launching a huge game sale to get you started.  Not only do you have the choice of three different Steam Machines to help make your thumbs ache, The Steam Machine Launch Sale has 45 amazing titles to throw your money at the screen for. This includes clas...[Read More]

Cosplayer Of The Month – Natalie Arvizu Cosplay

A few months ago at Pheonix Comic-Con 2015 photos emerged in various cosplay groups stating Jessica Nigri had a twin. Being a supporter of the Arizona native cosplay powerhouse that Jessica Nigri is, I browsed the photos and was shocked by how similar this cosplayer looked to her. Later I discovered her name was Natalie Arvizu, she cosplayed and while she does love JNig, she was tired of being cal...[Read More]

Interview: Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade

Interview: Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade I remember life without Warhammer 40k: I had money, I never knew I wanted to be in the Astra Militarum, and I cared about silly things like women. Then a good friend of mine introduced me to the wonders of buying an army, assembling them, painting them, learning strategies and then meeting up with friends to duke it out! While the table top game was a blast...[Read More]

Spectre Review: 007 Battles Mediocrity

Spectre Review: 007 Battles Mediocrity  Following a series high point in Skyfall, James Bond is back with his latest outing against a classic Bond organization. Can the film measure  up to the hype? Find out in our review of Spectre! Spectre begins with a gorgeous tracking shot through Mexico City during The Day of The Dead. This entire opening sequence is thrilling. Unfortunately after this, the ...[Read More]

Review: Phoenix Symphony – Star Wars

Review: Phoenix Symphony – Star Wars Star Wars carries an incredible amount of weight to it’s name. With a mere mention of it, a majority of people think back to their favorite childhood moments of using card board tubes as light sabers and attempting time and again to lift a rock with use of the force. A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi were some of the most influ...[Read More]

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