Month: January 2016

Doctor Who To Leave Netflix Feb 1st

Doctor Who set to leave Netflix Feb 1st “Redshirt, oh wise and glorious Redshirt….the Geek Lyfe needs you.” Darth Mexican said to me on that cold winter night. I could tell it was important for he forgot his traditional sacrificial pile of gold and Dr.Pepper. But I could tell from the desperate look in his eyes this was serious. I adjusted my glasses, the light reflecting off the...[Read More]

Advice to Cosplayers From A Cosplay Interviewer

Advice to Cosplayers From A Cosplay Interviewer Hey friends! My name is Darth Mexican/DeAngelo, I started The Geek Lyfe in 2013 as a way to express my opinions and help other geeks with product reviews and entertainment. One of my main passions is cosplay, I  have the talent of a pebble so needless to say I appreciate the art of cosplay far more than actually participating. I followed various big ...[Read More]

Why Do You Still Read Comics?

Why Do You Still Read Comics? Like any other kid, my brother hated reading and just like any good sister, I loved it because I wanted to show our dad I was the “good kid.” In an ingenious move, our uncle gave my brother some comic books which easily became the lesser of two evils for him. He was reading, yes, but there were pictures, fighting – and perhaps the real kicker here – it was about chara...[Read More]

Mighty No. 9 Delayed Once More

Mighty No. 9 Delayed Once More I received Mighty No. 9, the Megaman-like, crowdfunded platformer, on June 29, 2015 as a birthday gift. Although it was originally scheduled to launch in April, the game wasn’t coming out until Sept.15 due to bugs. However, I was aboard the hype train and I couldn’t wait to get it in my hands. In August that same year, the game was delayed to February 9th...[Read More]

TotalBiscuit Quits Social Media, The Stress Of YouTube Fame

TotalBiscuit Quits Social Media, The Stress Of YouTube Fame John “TotalBiscuit” Bain is a pillar of honor and integrity when it comes to the geek community. He started out doing humble World of Warcraft content which later led to well respected reviews until finally he now hosts one of the most watched podcasts on Twitch often gathering tens of thousands of viewers. He has done all of ...[Read More]

Brostalgia: Nostalgia with a Bro!

Brostalgia: Nostalgia with a Bro! In an internet-filled world where fame is cheap and everyone with a webcam is making a Let’s Play videos for YouTube, a couple of individuals from The Geek Lyfe have dared to do what no other has done in this future devoid of innovation:  Talk over recorded gameplay!  But on a serious note, walkthrough videos and Twitch streams have become a staple in online...[Read More]

Geek Lyfe Podcast Ep 1: Anime

Geek Lyfe Podcast Ep 1: Anime Hey friends! This month’s Geek Lyfe podcast was on Anime! I gathered my two good friends, Elysa AKA Spocktopus who is the second in command for Star Ship Geek Lyfe and Eric AKA Eric-Kun from Spiral Series! Together we talked about our favorite series, the worst anime we have ever watched, and even our anime origin stories! Some of the recommended anime were: Iro...[Read More]

Review: Taiyou Con 2016

Review: Taiyou Con 2016 Last year I made a pledge to visit as many geeky conventions Arizona had to offer and that is exactly what I did! It was fun, expensive, inspiring, and all around a great time. Unfortunately, I made that vow after Phoenix Comicon, so there was an entire half a year of conventions I missed! Taiyou Con was one of these conventions and so I was excited to attend! Here is my re...[Read More]

Minecraft Culture: Build Far or Near?

Minecraft Culture: Build Far or Near? I’ve played Minecraft for several years with several friends on several servers. In that time I noticed a trend that was common with every server I joined: Players come, they build, and then leave after they were finished. It occurred every single time without a hitch and attempting to get players to return was near impossible. However when they were giv...[Read More]

First Impressions: The Shannara Chronicles

First Impressions: Shanarra Chronicles With the wild success of Game of Thrones, Outlander, and various other fantasy shows MTV has decided to join the fight with a dog of their own. That dog is none other than Terry Brooks’ Sword of Shannara trilogy which was originally written in 1977. This was a surprise to me personally since MTV and Sword and Magic has never quite gone hand in hand. Alt...[Read More]

Cinester’s Top 10 Films of 2015

Cinester’s Top 10 Films of 2015 Cinester here, with my picks for the Top Ten Films of 2015! I wanted to do something new for the new year, so I thought I’d film a video for my picks. If you don’t have the time to watch the video but are still curious on the outcome, I’ll list my picks at the bottom of this article for you! Before getting to the list, I wanted to go over my ...[Read More]

Cosplay Interview: Chris Burton

I have a huge love for every aspect of cosplay from the concept stage to the final convention day when they get to show off their fresh costumes to the world. I had the idea to reach out to my favorite cosplayers and interview them to get a better understanding of who they are as a person and why they love cosplay. It went wonderful and our readers loved reading their answers to our humble questio...[Read More]

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