Month: February 2016

Five Geeky Bands that Might Have Flown Under Your Radar

Five Geeky Bands that Might Have Flown Under Your Radar Music is a big passion of mine, and one of my favorite hobbies. Video games are also a big passion of mine, and are one of my most detrimental vices. I also enjoy classic fantasy novels, and nothing is as comfortable as curling up with a copy of Thieves’ World. So when I started putting this list together, I thought “What makes me a geek? How...[Read More]

Arizona Matsuri 2016

Matsuri 2016  Have you ever watched anime, listened to J-Pop, watched a Samurai film and thought that Japan was such a fantastic and exotic place? Well, you are right! However, it can be difficult to learn about the Japanese culture and all that it has to offer from mere Youtube videos or college courses. You could travel to Japan but it is quite expensive, and without a translator it’ll add...[Read More]

Cosplayer Interview: Stephanie Storm Cosplay

Cosplayer Interview: Stephanie Storm Cosplay While at Amazing Arizona Comic Con I got the chance to meet a number of cosplayers who put their blood, sweat, and tears into their costumes! I do my very best to get in touch with them after conventions in order to interview them on who they are as a person and then who they are as a cosplayer. One cosplayer that caught my attention that weekend was no...[Read More]

Brosus! A New YouTube Series

Brosus! A New YouTube Series Ever wonder what it would be like to watch Tony (Powerforce) and Clayton (Gumbercules) battle to the death in a game instead of taking turns reminiscing about their favorite childhood games?  No?  Well we did it anyway!  Sometimes Tony and Clayton, from The Geek Lyfe’s YouTube series Brostalgia, need to take out their frustrations after getting their asses kicked...[Read More]

Review: Geek Wedding – The Sequel

Review: Geek Wedding – The Sequel If there is on aspect of life that I love as much as food, it would have to be good music. When you combine my love for everything geeky with good music Vitamin String Quartet is typically involved! Vitamin String Quartet released Geek Wedding in 2015 which combined classical music with various geeky songs such as ‘Still Alive’ from Portal and &#...[Read More]

News: Game Grumps Leave Polaris

News: Game Grumps Leave Polaris Game Grumps, a major YouTube group who produces ‘Let’s Play’ content for their fans, has parted ways from Polaris. Polaris is a company that focuses on working with various YouTube channels and assists with promotion, connections, and working with YouTube if there are any problem for a cut of what ever the channels under their umbrella makes. Other...[Read More]

Webcomic: Mr. Mario!

Webcomic: Mr. Mario! Check out the newest webcomic by yours truly, Gumbercules!  The motivation for this particular joke came to me while filming an episode of Brostalgia and playing the Whomp’s Fortress level on Super Mario 64.  When you first scale the level to the top, you are greeted by a giant cement monster who calls himself “Whomp”.  Queue 3D Mario styled boss fight, wait ...[Read More]

News: Fallout 4 DLC Announcements

News: Fallout 4 DLC Announcements When Bethesda released Fallout 4 back in November, I knew right away that most of the time that my family, friends, and loved ones would quickly diminish into long, sweaty evenings on the couch, covered in chip crumbs and wishing to be nowhere else.  This, my friends, was indeed my reality.  And, in some instances, still is.  And here we are, mid-February, and I s...[Read More]

Cosplay Interview: Nana Bear

Cosplay Interview: Nana  Bear One of my all time favorite aspects of the Geek community is cosplay. There is something magical about putting on a costume forged by your own hands and becoming someone else for a weekend. I’ve covered many cosplayers in the past who were all fantastic but I began to notice that I lacked ladies with a little more to love in my interviews. They, along with all o...[Read More]

VR: A lot more fun than VD!

VR: A lot more fun than VD! Gaming’s next big technological evolution is nearly upon us! VR claims to give gamers a level of immersion that has never been achieved before. But don’t be fooled, these aren’t the 3d headsets that have existed in the past. The technology that is enabling these devices simply hasn’t existed until the last few years. High resolution, yet small sc...[Read More]

Review: Amazing Arizona Comic Con

Amazing Arizona Comic Con was this past weekend, February 12-14, 2016 and took place in Phoenix Arizona at the Phoenix Convention Center. Although I had never previously attended, I had heard a great deal of my friend’s opinions on the medium sized convention, both great and some off putting. The moment they released the press application I jumped on the chance to snag badges and off I went!...[Read More]

Artist Interview: Rick Basaldua

Artist Interview: Rick Basaldua At Amazing Arizona Comic Con I met with a good amount of artists hoping to sell their wares to fellow geeks looking for that perfect piece of art  to decorate their walls. Many of their work differed in terms of quality, style, genre and price. Among those artists, there was one that stood out above the rest in my eyes and his name was Rick Basaldua! Basaldua is act...[Read More]

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