Month: April 2016

Cosplayer of the Week: Johnny Carwell JR

Cosplayer of the Week: Johnny Carwell JR On one of the flat out worst days of my life where everything I attempted lead to complete disappointment, I ended the night via dinner with a friend and her friends. I was bitter, frustrated and just done with the world and everyone in it. Then, among the folks who sat down to join us for dinner, was Johnny Carwell Jr who greeted me with kind words and eng...[Read More]

News: ESL Bans YouPorn Sponsored ESports Team

News: ESL Bans YouPorn Sponsored ESports Team For those who don’t follow the ESports scene, games such as League of Legends or Street Fighter have become wildly popular over the years on an international level. Some championships even rival the attendance and viewership of some major sports such as American Football’s Super Bowl. With such fame came sponsors from various industries suc...[Read More]

April Loot Crate Unboxing

April Loot Crate Unboxing Join me, Powerforce, as I unbox my latest Loot Crate for the month of April! If you ever need to be convinced to partake in these monthly specials then feel free to watch all of my unboxing videos. For those that might be unfamiliar with what Lootcrate is, it’s a monthly service where you pay $20 and receive $30 of goodies! Every month there is a new theme and the c...[Read More]

The Jungle Book Review

The Jungle Book “Forget about your worries and your strife”   Movies have slowly become a family tradition for me: I have a lot of fond memories driving up to the local Harkins with my Mom and Brother and seeing more movies than I can remember during my 27 years (bloody hell I’m getting old.) This tradition has introduced me to some truly crappy movies (I’m looking at you The Fifth Wave) and some ...[Read More]

Cosplayer Of The Week: Alana Waffles

Imagine for a moment you are the fan of an incredible cosplayer who lives 1,541 miles away in the exotic and magical land of Canada. You come to the unfortunate understanding that you’ll probably never get to meet nor see one another in person. You continue your life being a fan on social media, commenting with praise and appreciation for a good amount of their posts. Then you attend Wonder ...[Read More]

Anime Review: Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash

Out of all the gimmicks that Anime has to offer, from Mecha like Gundam to Supernatural like Tokyo Ghoul, my all-time favorite is Fantasy. More specifically, I enjoy the “We have been trapped inside an MMORPG and must live life.” concept. Many anime lovers know of Sword Art Online, Dot Hack, and Log Horizon who offer this gimmick. Among those, Sword Art Online is the one that most folk...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Month: MaeDae Cosplay

In the distant past of June 2015 at Phoenix Comicon, I spotted one of the best cosplays I had ever seen: La Muerte from the Book of Life. I humbly asked for a photo and she agreed before giving me her card. I loved her costume so much I had planned on featuring her on Geek Lyfe as soon as I got home but unfortunately misplaced the business cards I had acquired. Fast forward to Amazing Arizona Comi...[Read More]

Review: Jotun

Review: Jotun While browsing a number of games on sale one fateful day in Steam I came across Jotun. At the time it was only around $10, from the introduction video it gave me all the information I needed: It included vikings, Norse mythology, incredible artwork, and a set difficultly. I’ll let you watch the trailer for the game before I continue, so you know exactly what I am talking about ...[Read More]

Sakura Con 2016!

Sakura Con 2016! Hey everyone! This year Sassy Goblin and I attended Sakura Con, Washington’s largest anime convention, as media peeps!! YAY!!! This was the first Sakura Con we had attended since 2012 and we had absolutely no idea what to expect. Would there still be concerts and fashion shows? Would there be enough sexy anime pillows for everyone? Would anime be real yet like we had been pr...[Read More]

Giveaway – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Giveaway – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Are you a Star Wars fan? Do you enjoy free goodies? Well you’ve found the right place! The Geek Lyfe is doing a giveaway for a free copy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Blu Ray! If you have been living under a rock these past couple years, here is the synopsis of Force Awakens: “Three decades after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, a ne...[Read More]

April Podcast: Gaming

April Podcast: Gaming  This month the fine folks at Geek Lyfe teamed up to talk about one of their favorite geeky topics: Video Games! Darth Mexican, Hesch, Powerforce, Gumbercules, and Charlos bring up games from their past with Dark Souls, to present games like Pokken and looking to the future with Nintendo NX and Overwatch. I tried to get them to talk about World of Warcraft: Legion but they go...[Read More]

Why I Loved Batman vs Superman

Why I Loved Batman vs Superman Where to begin! So much has been said about this film since critics gave their less than favorable reviews. When the general public saw it, the opinion swayed to a more positive outlook and now it’s practically a choice between either loving it or hating it. No joke, having a civil discussion about the pros and cons about the film is similar to a Bernie Sanders...[Read More]

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