Month: July 2016

Cosplayer Of The Week: Zero Lost Soul Cosplay

Cosplayer Of The Week: Zero Lost Soul Cosplay Cosplay is a many faced beast as a woman wearing little more than body paint and a wig qualifies as cosplay and on the other end of the spectrum, folks like Zero Lost Soul Cosplay! Zero Lost Soul Cosplay specializes in armor crafting! I have such a huge respect for armor crafters because of the simple fact that they walk around in armor from head to to...[Read More]

Will Suicide Squad be more popular than the average superhero movie?

Will Suicide Squad be more popular than the average superhero movie? Like many others, I am very excited for Suicide Squad. This got me thinking…this is a movie about bad guys, and yet some could argue we’re perhaps more enthusiastic than say, the average superhero movie. Granted Suicide Squad is from a beloved comic series, and full of DC characters we can’t wait to see come to ...[Read More]

Double Clicks At Imperial Outpost

Double Clicks At Imperial Outpost Imperial Outpost has to be my all time favorite gaming store. I have been to many stores for war gaming supplies and RPG miniatures in the past but none of them every had quite the spirit of Imperial Outpost Games. Their staff, owner, and community are just spectacular in so many ways. As if they weren’t amazing enough already, they host a band by the name o...[Read More]

Cosplayer Of The Week: Squid Squad Xero Cosplay

Cosplayer Of The Week: Squid Squad Xero Cosplay I still remember the day I came across Squid Squad Xero Cosplay! I was scrolling through a number of cosplayers to see which ones to follow and while all of them were impressive, I could feel this raw energy and passion from Squid Squad Xero Cosplay. She seemed so alive in every photo as though she absolutely loved costuming and running around conven...[Read More]

“Pallet Town” In South Korea

“Pallet Town” In South Korea  Pokemon Go has pretty much taken over the geek world with their Augmented Reality platform. Despite the intense battery use, data charges, bugs, and server issues, many gamers carry on catching Pokemon as best they can. While the US, Canada, the UK and multiple other areas around the world have access to Pokemon Go, not every country has access just yet. S...[Read More]

Review: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

  Review: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst If you have never played the Mirror’s Edge games, I highly recommend you take a crack at the first game that can be found on Steam for a fair price. In Mirror’s Edge you play as Faith, a glorified mail women who delivers classified documents in a dystopian future ruled by government surveillance. The most unique aspect to the Mirror’s Edge f...[Read More]

Pokemon Go Tips

Pokemon Go Tips In the small amount of time that Pokemon Go has been out, it has swept the world in a Pokemon craze. People of all different ages are coming out of their homes to catch their favorite Pokemon out in the real world. While the game is incredible, their tutorial is a bit lack luster. The Pokemon Go community has really come together and provided a ton of information to help players ge...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Month: Angi Viper

I have been a huge fan of Angi Viper since last year when I actually saw her in a video with a You Tuber I follow. In the video Angi seemed like this bright, bubbly force of awesome nature, the video got even better when I found out she was also a cosplayer! I immediately flocked to her work on her Facebook and fell in love with her work. Being in Arizona, I thought I wouldn’t really ever ge...[Read More]

Ring Light: Anime Expo

Ring Light: Anime Expo Anime Expo 2016 was a ton of fun! There were a lot of wonderful cosplayers out and about in their costumes, sporting various fandoms. While we did feature a number of them in our main Anime Expo Review, our photographer, Deegan Marie Photography thought it would be a stellar idea to do ring light shots. So we gave it a try! Sure enough folks came to us, asking to have their ...[Read More]

London Anime and Gaming Con Review 2016

London Anime and Gaming Con Review 2016 When I first saw this Con being advertised on my Facebook page, I was a little hesitant as to whether I should apply. First and foremost I want to cover as many Cons in the UK as I can for The Geek Lyfe, however, those who live in the south of England will know the absolute horror that is Southern Rail at the moment and will also know they don’t charge...[Read More]

Review: Anime Expo 2016

Review: Anime Expo 2016 For so long I looked on with with envy as friends flocked every summer to the exotic and foreign lands of California for Anime Expo, the nation’s most prominent Anime convention. As we, The Geek Lyfe, grows we are getting accepted to various convention as press which makes traveling easier. This year I promised myself that hell or high water I would go to Anime Expo a...[Read More]

Cosplayer Of The Week: Shellanin

The Cosplayer of the Week is a great cosplayer by the name of Shellanin ! I actually found her work on Tumblr while scrolling for entertaining content and I just fell in love with her work! Although she might still be indie, she shows so much potential for being a fantastic cosplayer in the near future. Until then, I vowed to try and help her out in any way I could, including interviewing her on h...[Read More]

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