Month: November 2016

Nintendo’s new game console has a smart way to save games

Nintendo’s new game console has a smart way to save games Whether you love or hate Nintendo, we all have to agree that they are a titan in their industry for making games that impacted our childhood in major ways. I have fond memories of sitting in front of a TV screen for hours using every fiber in my being to beat whatever stage Mario threw at me. As time went on, so did the industry of ga...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Is Thankful!

The Geek Lyfe Is Thankful!  Hey everyone! My name is DeAngelo Murillo AKA Darth Mexican and I am the founder of The Geek Lyfe. I wanted to take a moment this morning to recount my origin story of how I started The Geek Lyfe so many years ago. I started a humble blogspot blog back in 2012 and basically used it to share my favorite memes and occasionally write articles that contained my personal tho...[Read More]

YumaCon 2016

YumaCon 2016 Earlier this year we were invited to attend a lovely little convention out in Yuma, Arizona by the name of YumaCon! Unfortunately, I was unable to go but my wonderful photographer, Deegan Marie Photography, had my back! Here were some of her thoughts on the event! Food Anyone who has read our reviews knows that food is always on our minds when we hit up conventions due to the simple f...[Read More]

FreeplayFrenchie Reviews: Doctor Strange

FreeplayFrenchie Reviews: Doctor Strange As we left the Odean cinema last week in Brighton, my friend and I agreed that Doctor Strange could be summed quite politely like this: Inception, but on LSD. That being said, I would say Doctor Strange is much easier to follow, however, the visuals are so stunning that I did warn my Mum it might make her feel sick. I can’t imagine what it would be li...[Read More]

Cosplayer Of the Week: BearsRawr Cosplay

Wam! Bam! We have another dope cosplayer for you this week by the name of BearsRawr Cosplay! She hails from the North West corner of the US in Washington! I could not help but notice her charm and goofiness in all of her photos which drove me to ask her for an interview about her and her cosplay! Although her following may be small, I can already tell she’ll be a fun cosplayer to keep on eye...[Read More]

Review: Kikori Con 2016

Review: Kikori Con 2016 Hey guys! It’s Heartless Aquarius here! Luckily, I was able to cover Kikori Con, which is the last anime convention in Arizona for 2016. This year passed by so fast! This little Flagstaff convention has been around since 2013. It replaced the con “Anime Kaigi”, which was discontinued, after being Kickstarter funded. Food If you have some cash, food will not be a problem! Th...[Read More]

Cosplayer In Crisis: Nicole Marie Jean

Cosplayer In Crisis: Nicole Marie Jean Many times in life, mine especially, we tend to take our health for granted, if we get sick we simply shrug it off not wanting to get it checked up in fear of having to spend money at the doctor. Some folks are proactive with their health and get checked up regularly, hoping to knock out any and all potential problems. However, for artists, content creators, ...[Read More]

MCM London Comic Con Review 2016

London’s MCM Comic Con is by far of the UK’s biggest comic cons, attracting cosplayers and fans from all around. This was my third time visiting the Excel centre for the con and the first time going on a Friday. I have to say, as with most cons with a three day weekend, visiting on a Friday will usually mean a few things. 1) It’s usually less crowded so cosplayers tend to where t...[Read More]

Cosplayer Of the Week: Ninjah Kitty

Cosplayer Of the Week: Ninjah Kitty  As our Geek Lyfe family continues to grow it’s always great fun to uncover more talented UK cosplayers to introduce to our community. It was actually through watching the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke that I started thinking about cosplays inspired by the studio. This was how I stumbled across Ninjah Kitty‘s fantastic skills and she was very ...[Read More]

Interview: Nicki Rapp

Interview: Nicki Rapp While running up and down the halls of Phoenix Comicon Fanfest, we had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Voice Actor, Nicki Rapp. If you are not familiar with Nicki Rapp, she is wicked talented and has been apart of major games such as Psychonauts, Tell Tale: The Walking Dead , Broken Age, and so many other projects. I was originally informed that she was at the event du...[Read More]

Thinking Outside the D&D Box

Thinking Outside the D&D Box The ground shook as it split in two. The growing chasm pried apart in a wicked grin splitting the group apart…making way for the Abomination resting beneath. Taldan the wizard stumbled, nearly falling to the ground as a large tendril rose from the split in the earth seeking purchase. Taldan’s eyes narrowed as he gripped his staff, his whitening knuckles betraying h...[Read More]

Music Lyfe: Screaming Females Interview

Music Lyfe: Screaming Females Interview Earlier this year I watched the A.V. Club’s Undercover for the first time and was blown away by the concept. For anyone unfamiliar with A.V. Club, it is a series where they take bands and give them a list of songs they must cover. The later a band comes in, the fewer choices they have, which gives us incredible covers such as Gwar doing West End Girls ...[Read More]

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