Month: May 2017

One Of The Most Adorable Geeky Proposals Ever

One Of The Most Adorable Geeky Proposal Ever One of the main reasons I get up every single day and put my all into The Geek Lyfe is the people. If it were not for the geeks who have the courage to chase their heart’s desire, our culture would only have reached so far and would be so bland. Thankfully there are those brave souls who ran with all their might despite the odds or situation they ...[Read More]

Interview: WAIFUWEAR

Interview: WAIFUWEAR Today we are bringing you a pretty cool indie clothing brand by the name of WAIFUWEAR! They create clothing inspired by Japanese culture, more specifically Anime! They are local to Phoenix, Arizona and have been around for little over a year. In that tie they have come out with some pretty cool products from T shirts to chokers and hoodies! Thy came from nothing and continue t...[Read More]

Pirates Life For Me: Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates Life For Me: Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales I, like many, am a huge fan of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I need to ride it once every five years other wise I decay and then die. Naturally, when the very first Pirates of the Caribbean film released in 2003 I was blown away by the characters and the mythos that surrounded them. As time went on, we received a ...[Read More]

BREAKING: Weapon Props Banned From Phoenix Comicon Due To Armed Man On Site

UPDATE: Phoenix Comicon has released a statement about the situation. This is breaking news, we will attempt to keep information as up to date and as accurate as possible. Earlier today a man armed with multiple firearms including a shotgun was arrested on site by police after they received reports of his intent to harm officers. Since this incident Phoenix Police department has officially banned ...[Read More]

You NEED to attend Dobutsu Lounge at Phoenix Comicon!(Interview)

You NEED to attend Dobutsu Lounge at Phoenix Comicon! Looking for something dope to do at Phoenix Comicon? You should definitely check out the fine folks at Dobutsu Lounge! If you are unfamiliar with Dobutsu Lounge, they are a companion Lounge which is focused on showing you a good time by surrounding you with beautiful people and entertainment! You literally pay $15 and then have fun by sitting a...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Jounin K Cosplay

Hey friends! 😀 This cosplayer of the week is super dope! She is Jounin K Cosplay and I have been a fan of hers for so long! I am so excited that I finally got an interview with her and am super stoked to introduce you all to her! She does so many incredible cosplays from comic books to video games and especially anime! As you can tell by her name, she is also a huge fan of Naruto! I hope you all e...[Read More]

Xbox One S or PS4 Pro – Which Console Is The Best For Players?

Xbox One S or PS4 Pro – which console is the best for players? When expecting new consoles to get launched, gamers from all over the world hope to get new generation gaming sets to meet their demands. Graphics should be higher quality, sounds tend to seem clearer and participation effect – give that incredible feeling of transferring from one reality to another. Specifications Manufact...[Read More]

Lavashadow Cosplay Tackles Calgary and Calgary Expo 2017(Review)

Lavashadow Cosplay Tackles Calgary and Calgary Expo 2017(Review) By Lavashadow Cosplay aka Jaclyn Cass Hey everyone! Lavashadow Cosplay here and I had the unique experience of leaving the Valley of the Sun: Phoenix, Arizona to the cold north of Calgary, Canada. I had such a blast and wanted to share my experience of both Calgary and Calgary Expo! Enjoy! Visiting Calgary was more than just a conven...[Read More]

Is It The Week Before Con And You Are Still Working On Your Cosplay?

FUCKING PANIC    No but seriously though, you got this! Everything will work out and you are going to look dope!

Feature: Art of Lisa Sikorski

Feature: Art of Lisa Sikorski Hello friends! Today I am going to introduce you to a super dope artist by the name of Lisa Sikorski aka Art of Lisa Sikorski! She specializes in painting with acrylics for the past 3 years and does incredible character drawings of many popular figures. You can find a good amount of her work for sale on her etsy shop! I have seen her at multiple conventions and her wo...[Read More]

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