Month: February 2018

Episode Three: Return of the Interview with Missy Suicide

Ladies and gentlemen it is that time of year again! The Blackheart Burlesque show is rolling into town! We have covered this event both in 2015 and 2017, both of those times we had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Missy Suicide who is the owner of Suicide Girls. In those those interviews I asked her more of the standard questions we normally ask but this year we wanted to be a bit different! ...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Year 2017

Darth Mexican here! We have finished up with our 2017 Cosplayer of the Year event where we gathered thirteen of the best cosplayers we interviewed and had readers vote for their favorite. These are artists who put their heart and soul in their work. Social media likes be damned! It is the quality of work, the amount of new cosplays debuted, character, creativity, and the courage to do things they ...[Read More]

(GIVEAWAY) Enter to Win a Chance for VIP Tickets to Video Games Live!

When it comes to the realm of video games, we can not deny that the audio, the soundtrack specifically, has a huge impact on the game as a whole. That is why we are beside ourselves with excitement that Video Games Live is coming into town on March 12th at the Symphony Hall in Phoenix, Arizona! An incredible group of talented musicians will be playing iconic songs from beloved games both modern an...[Read More]

Annihilation: One of the Best Sci Fi Films in Years

I remember when I saw my very first science fiction film, Star Wars: A New Hope. There before my eyes flashed images of aliens, advanced technology, and extraordinary works of fiction. I was beside myself with awe and could not help but watch and re-watch the film to continue that experience of wonder. Since then a number of great science fiction films have come and gone. However, Annihilation has...[Read More]

Game Night: A Surprisingly Great Film

When I first saw the trailer for Game Night, I pegged it for an alright film with a few solid chuckles. Well, I was dead wrong. Game Night is a film where a group of friends gather for a night of gaming, this time with the main character, Max played by Jason Bateman ‘s more successful brother, Brooks played by Kyle Chandler, as the host. In an attempt to one up the Max, the brother stages a ...[Read More]

Review: Submission

Submission is a film about a published author by the name of Ted Swenson, played by Stanley Tucci, struggling to finish his second novel, and until he does, he teaches at a college. Although he has a lovely wife who supports him in all things, the respect of his students, and admiration of his peers it just isn’t enough for him. During this time of inner conflict, he encounters one of his st...[Read More]

PERSONA5 the Animation Premieres April 2018

When PERSONA5 launched, JRPG lovers went mad over the game play, story line, twists, and more. Despite been released for almost half a year, the hype around the game still goes strong as cosplayers continue to come out of the wood works with new costumes of their favorite characters and bosses. Curious as to what PERSONA5 is? Persona 5 takes place in modern-day Tokyo, and follows the player-named ...[Read More]

A Guide on Fixing the 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress

The WordPress 403 forbidden error is a common error faced by WP users. If you are facing this issue with your site, there are some simple steps to follow to fix it. This is an HTTP status code that occurs when there is no permission for accessing a particular page or resources on your site. The underlying cause is incorrect configuration of the web server. It usually takes more time to identify th...[Read More]

The Dopest Clothing Brand Around: Anime Trash Swag(Interview)

My dear friends, I must bestow upon you a fact of life. That fact is that Anime Trash Swag is one of the greatest clothing brands around. If you are unfamiliar with Anime Trash Swag, it is an independent clothing line that focuses their aesthetic on Japanese culture, and more specifically anime/manga. Sky is the artist, Jenni handles the business side of things, and together they make an unstoppab...[Read More]

Battle Series and E/AZ Cosplay Coverage!

Recently over at the Talking Stick Resort there have been tournaments taking place that include Street Fighter V, Super Smash Brother Melee, and Super Smash Brothers 4 hosted by Esports Arizona. While my main goal was actually to assist our friend Schrei205 with her entry into their cosplay contest, I was taken aback by the event as a whole. While I knew there was a strong fighting game community ...[Read More]

Sticks, Stones, and Claymation: Early Man Review

Written by Mary Palma Early Man is the latest from Wallace & Gromit creator Nick Park and Aardman Animation. This new film focuses on the story of Dug (Eddie Redmayne) and his stone age tribe, who live in a lush valley surrounded by wasteland. The gang is about to enjoy a rabbit feast when giant mammoths appear, ridden by people from the badlands who wish to mine their valley home for bronze. ...[Read More]

Five Ways to Support Your Favorite Content Creators

One of the best aspects of the modern age is how we can create wonderful works of art and share it with the entire world. Art, music, movies, poetry, comedy, the list goes on and on, but we can so easily produce and consume any sort of content nowadays. This is both a blessing and a curse. While everyone is able to share their creations, it becomes that much harder to stand out from the rest. Ther...[Read More]

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