Month: April 2018

Pro Twitch Streamer, Dodger, Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Clarke

(There is a video that auto plays, I am unable to stop it unfortunately. D: Scroll down to pause the video! If there is a solution, please let me know!) First off, I love writing these articles because it is nothing but good vibes and talking about great people. That is the perfect way to describe professional twitch streamers Dodger and her husband Strippin. For years they have entertained their ...[Read More]

What happens when your favorite superheroes meet to play cards?

If you take under consideration the ‘super’ factor, the answer is: probably something widely cool. And given the kind of lives they have – most likely something with the great chances to sneak up on you and explode with action twists. Either way, it is a nice idea to implement into narrative in a superhero story. Besides, they can have hobbies, too. With increasing popularity of the game and stron...[Read More]

Con Nichiwa 2018 Offered Good Vibes and Great Guests!

Con Nichiwa is one of Tucson’s biggest anime conventions ran by Monkey Paw Entertainment who are known for running other great conventions such as Saboten Con, Kikori Con, and more!  First and foremost, I have to give the biggest shout out to both Lvckydiamond and Heartless Aquarius. Originally I, Darth Mexican, was going to cover a majority of the content during the event but got pulled ont...[Read More]

Five Reasons Why You Need to Play World of Warcraft

By Lauren Alexander With Battle for Azeroth right around the corner, we thought it best to share with our fine readers why they should dust off their old armor and weapons and jump back into Azeroth, or jump in for the first time, in preparation for the expansion launch in August! With so many new generations of gamers who have been exposed to various other MMORPGs, it is understandable why they h...[Read More]

Everything I Have Ever Wanted – Avengers: Infinity War Review

I can not believe we are here. After 18 other Marvel films we have arrived at the doorstep of Avengers: Infinity War. In this film we get a healthy mix of major heroes such as Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, Black Widow, Hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and more. The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powe...[Read More]

Tabletop RPG Lasers & Liches Kickstarter Cancelled Despite Incredible Support

It is always a sad sight to see creative projects fall under due to financing. Thankfully, Kickstarter is around to help indies get their dream realized and consumers get a first edition product with a chance for exclusive goodies. It is even more sad to watch a successful Kickstarter, both financially and within a community, come to a stop by the creator’s hands. Lasers and Liches is the to...[Read More]

We Got to Experience the Kia Stinger and It Was Rad

Good day, friends! Darth Mexican here and I got to attend Kia’s Stinger Experience and wanted to share what I went through! First off, I wanted to let you know that I received monetary compensation from Kia to promote the Kia Stinger. However, this Stinger Experience was such a great event that even if I was not paid, I would have loved this event! Let’s get into it! You may have seen ...[Read More]

Check Out the Kia Stinger Experience Tour!

Hey everyone! Darth Mexican here and I have some pretty exciting news. The good people of Kia invited me to check out the Stinger Experience this weekend and I wanted to share some information about this event! Kia has released the 2018 Stinger which is their first ever high-performance vehicle. In order to showcase its greatest aspects, they are touring around the country to various race tracks. ...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: YOKO X AOI Cosplay

This week we have some great cosplayers to present to you guys! They are Yoko x Aoi Cosplay, a duo of talented costumers who put their everything into their craft! I came across their content and thought the world of it and wanted to share them with you all! The Geek Lyfe: There may be a few Geek Lyfers who have not seen your work before, would you be alright introducing yourself? Aoi: Yes, I don’...[Read More]

Review: Super Troopers 2

In 2001 Super Troopers hit the big screen and split the sides of many adults and teens alike. The crude humor produced by the adventures of Highway Patrolmen were just too classic! “Five Vermont state troopers, avid pranksters with a knack for screwing up, try to save their jobs and out-do the local police department by solving a crime.” Little did we know that after 17 years the fine ...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe and Homies Raised Over $500 for Charity!

Hey friends! Darth Mexican here and I wanted to give folks an update on our most recent event: The Emerald Templars which was a two day D&D stream! As previously mentioned, we gathered some of our close friends, Schrei205, Chocozumo, Sincerely Sam, Kingdom of Ribbon, Bytes n Brews, The Final Boys, Lvckydiamond, and Cheshsmiles, and played Dungeons and Dragons! While we devoured pizza in betwee...[Read More]

Working as a Casino Live Dealer: Is It As Good As They Say?

We’ve been hearing a lot about the perks of working as a casino dealer recently, sometimes even from family and friends. Some are also students who take on the job as a way to fund their studies or pay off a car loan. They boast of a good salary, numerous bonuses and benefits, and reasonable shifts amongst many other things. But what most of you might be wondering is whether this job is really as ...[Read More]

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