Month: December 2018

Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews Episode 7: Vader Fan Film, Jablinski, Bandersnatch

This week’s episode is looks as though it’s going through a goth phase, as all of our topics are clad in black. We cover an amazing Star Wars fan film, a new YouTube channel that’s hopefully not a giant troll, and a choose-your-own-adventure movie. [embedyt][/embedyt] Vader: Shards of the Past We can’t say enough good things about this. We’re already Sta...[Read More]

Wild Bangarang’s Badass and Comfy Geek Gear

Here at The Geek Lyfe, it’s no secret we love high quality (but subtle) geek gear. If you catch us in the wild we are often donned from head to foot in our favorite fandom apparel. When we heard of Wild Bangarang, we couldn’t help but want to try some out for ourselves! Wild Bangarang is a UK based company who specializes in leggings and workout apparel, each with their own geeky flair. There is s...[Read More]

Vader: A Star Wars Fan Theory Fan Series Gains 1 Million Views in 24 Hours

One of the biggest fandoms out there is without a doubt Star Wars. Their fans, us included, are so die hard for new content that sometimes it can cause incredible creations to spawn! This is exactly what happened with Star Wars Fan Theory as they debuted their new fan series: Vader. The first episode of the series, titled Shards of the Past, is live right now on their YouTube channel for fans to v...[Read More]

Bethesda Reportedly Requesting an Essay from Banned Players to Get Accounts Reestablished

A number of players have been banned recently due to their use of mods and other third party software. Bethesda is not heartless however as they have reportedly offered a way to dispute the ban in the form of a written essay. A YouTuber by the name of JuiceHead made a video discussing the bans and how many players feel as though their ban came without a good reason. However, on the official subred...[Read More]

Stop Sleeping on The Last Kingdom. It’s so Good!

This year, while browsing through Netflix show after Netflix show, I came across The Last Kingdom. Like so many others, I was suffering through Game of Thrones withdrawals, and all of the hours spent playing Dungeons & Dragons or watching Lord of the Rings couldn’t quench my fantasy thirst. I almost immediately got turned off by the series because it leans heavily on the historical aspec...[Read More]

Top Five Games of 2018

A lot of fantastic games have come out in the year of 2018! The gods of gaming truly smiled upon us with all of the great releases on every single platform! We wanted to take a moment to chat about five of the best games to come out this year! God of War [embedyt][/embedyt] Many years have passed since Kratos took his vengeance against the Olympian gods,...[Read More]

Our Love Affair With Witches In The Cinema

There’s long been a love affair between cinema goers and witches, as some of the most memorable films of all time have been based on them. We have seen witches have a huge impact where entertainment is concerned, with TV shows like Charmed and games such as mFortune’s brilliant Which Witch all taking their inspiration from these somewhat supernatural beings. However, the love affair began in the c...[Read More]

Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews Episode 6: Hellboy, MIB: International, and Will Smith’s Genie

This week in Nerd News, we get of everyone’s favorite lovable scamp from Hell, followed by two unveilings of the modern era potentially trying to pull a fast one on us. [embedyt][/embedyt] Hellboy Yes! We’ve got our first official trailer of Hellboy, and holy bejesus does it look great! Tony may be worried about it because the trailer was too comedy base...[Read More]

Aquaman: The AquaDrogo We Deserve

Lets be real for a moment, Aquaman might be the most ridiculed superhero of them all. He is orange, green, can talk to fish, and slightly better than most humans. He is an easy target for a lot of geeks. [embedyt][/embedyt] When it was announced that a live action film was going to come out, a lot of people grew skeptical that it would be passable, let a...[Read More]

Game Developers Come Clean on Their ‘Crimes’ from Various Projects

Recently the co-founder of the indie studio Fullbright made a tweet calling all of the game developers to confess their greatest sins. This may seem surprising because you don’t normally think there would be many issues when it comes to these projects. Surely with so much staff and financing they can deal with any problem in a professional manner, right? Please share your most embarrassing g...[Read More]

Stop Spending All Your Money on Free Games

Image Source   Are you spending unnecessary money on ‘free’ games? Whilst there are many games out there that cost nothing to download, many of these games are still able to bleed our wallets dry simply by persuading us into purchasing extra in-game content. Whether it’s more pokéballs in Pokémon Go or extra characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, the cost of this extra content can soon add...[Read More]

Fantastic Animated Series You Need to Check Out

We live in, what many would consider, the golden age of television. We have series that bring grown men and women to their very knees with the sheer power of fantastic story telling, cinematography, and acting. The problem we face today is that there are so many great shows available that it is overwhelming to know where to even begin! So, we wanted to help out by providing a list of four awesome ...[Read More]

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