Month: September 2020

Slot Games: How to Improve Your Odds

If you enjoy playing slot games, whether online or offline, you’re probably keen to find a way to improve your odds and increase your chances of winning. You may have come across people, websites, or books promising you a special system to improve your odds or offering all sorts of strange tricks to try.  While there’s no magic system you can use to beat the odds, there are a few things you can do...[Read More]

Into the Mother Lands is a Scifi TTRPG Series You Won’t Want to Miss!

My PoC heart is jumping for joy as Into the Mother Lands, funded by Twitch, is a sci-fi tabletop role-playing series created by the legendary Tanya DePass! The reason for my excitement is because Into the Motherlands was created by, and will star an all PoC cast. This is one of, if not the first time, that a tabletop role-playing game series had complete creative control by minority geeks. Since t...[Read More]

Interview with the Marvelous Michele Morrow!

I sit here at my desk, typing up this article in utter disbelief because this is an interview with Michele Morrow. She is one of my biggest inspirations as a content creator, hands down. the woman is a titan of the entertainment industry and a renowned geek. Over the years I have watched her career explode with incredible opportunities and projects that have been nothing short of amazing. All the ...[Read More]

Critical Role Launches Nonprofit Organization: Critical Role Foundation

This press release just hit our inbox and I am stoked to share it with everyone! Today, Critical Role, the most popular story-driven, world-building and RPG focused digital media company in the world, officially launched the Critical Role Foundation (CRF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. With the formation of the Critical Role Foundation, the company aims to further its philanthropic efforts a...[Read More]

Lockdown-Friendly Hobbies To Keep You Entertained At Home

Picture credit: Many of us are spending more time than ever at home. With a pandemic to contend with, and hours to occupy, what better time to embrace new hobbies? Whether you’re working and you’re looking for a form of escapism, or you’ve got more free time than you know what to do with, we’ve got you covered. Here are some lockd...[Read More]

Kids on Bikes Is a TTRPG That Hits That Urban Fantasy Horror That You Have Been Wanting!

If you love Stranger Things, IT, ET, Goonies, then I have a new tabletop RPG for you! It is called Kids on Bikes and it focuses on folks in a small town who inevitably comes across the paranormal and somehow have to overcome great odds in order to save their community. While the theme of Kids on Bikes is already amazing, which makes it even better is the fact that it i...[Read More]

THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME Explores Depression, Religious Fanaticism, and more!

Netflix has done it again with The Devil All the Time. This dark film features a star-studded cast and tells about the dangers of what people do when religion won’t fill the void in their desperate hearts. Synopsis In Knockemstiff, Ohio and its neighboring backwoods, sinister characters — an unholy preacher (Robert Pattinson), twisted couple (Jason Clarke and Riley Keough), and crooked sheri...[Read More]

How Online Gaming Broke Into the Mainstream

A few years ago, gambling was usually frowned upon and perceived as a harmful habit pretty similar to extensive drinking and drug abuse. Land-based casinos were visited only by rare adventurers and various shady characters. In general, the predominant opinion was that gambling, in any of its forms, is a vice that can hardly bring anything good.   The advent of the internet brought about numer...[Read More]

3 Ways You Can Become a Better Gamer

Like with most things in life, some people are good at gaming and some people are not. We’ve all played Mario Kart with someone who is forever in last place and we’ve all found a game that everyone seems to rave about, but we can’t seem to get past the first major obstacle. But as with most things, this doesn’t have to be the case. While some people are predisposed to be good at gaming, there are ...[Read More]

Why Play Bingo Online?

 Bingo has been around for decades and is a much-loved game amongst the British people. While it was once confined to a community hall or a classic holiday theatre room after dinner, but before an evening show started, bingo has branched out its wings in Britain.   Taking bingo online has revolutionised the industry and has opened up interest to people of all ages and backgrounds!    So, what...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Unicorn Astronaut

If you wanted to know more about a goddess of a cosplayer then you came to the right place! This here is Unicorn Astronaut aka Uni Astronaut and she streams on Twitch, cosplays, and makes incredible content on Tik Tok! Enjoy our interview with Uni Astronaut! What is your cosplay origin story? Back in the day, I used to be a raver girl! I loved to commission rave attire for people and got super int...[Read More]

Australian Principles of Responsible Gaming in Modern Online Casinos

Gambling is always associated with certain risks. Not being able to stop promptly, many people lose a lot of money, which affects not only their financial situation but also relations with loved ones, health, psychological state. To avoid this, you must adhere to the principles of responsible gaming. By acting thoughtfully and carefully, you will protect yourself from mistakes and disappointments....[Read More]

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