Month: October 2020

Stunning Visual Novel ‘Far Away’ Set To Redefine The Genre

Far Away is the new stunning visual novel from acclaimed Chinese development studio, HongCha Games. As their first title set for a world-wide launch across Steam and mobile platforms, Far Away tells the story of Krosa Nonet, a bay worker in the fictional town of Bedjan who becomes wrapped up in the city’s underworld. This unique adventure sees Krosa drawn into a whirlpool of events where she...[Read More]

What Are the Best Guitars on the Market?

The guitar is one of the most interesting instruments that you can learn to play as a music enthusiast. It is interesting considering the fact that it is one instrument you can play while singing at the same time. While it would be much easier to join a good music college or hire an instructor to teach you to play this instrument, you can also buy one and patiently learn with time. The former opti...[Read More]

Interview with the Amazing Aliza Pearl!

The first time I saw Aliza Pearl was as a guest on Buzzfeed’s Dungeons & Dragons show, Dungeon Club. I was simply blown away at how she took the metaphoric stage and owned the room. She flexed her skills at acting and improv and loved every bit of her performance. I went on to check out her other work and was happily surprised to see her involved with a ton of fantastic projects! I knew ...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Arkady Cosplay

Arkady Cosplay is such a force of good vibes and dedication. It feels like she can do no wrong whenever she comes out with a new cosplay! Please enjoy our interview with her! What is your cosplay origin story? Three of my close friends were going to New York Comic Con 2012 dressed as Thor characters. They elbowed me on knowing that I love Thor and Amora the Enchantress and convinced me to buy a ti...[Read More]

Who is DeAngelo?

DeAngelo Murillo is a fourth-generation Mexican-American who helps bring more representation to the geeky community through storytelling, journalism, interviewing creatives, and more on his Twitch channel. In his free time, he enjoys harassing his peers into participating in TTRPG charity events with him and also dies quite often in video games. He is also working on his own TTRPG called Emerald T...[Read More]

Why Kakegurui is the Best Gambling Anime Ever!

Kakegurui is a fantastic anime that revolves around gambling, in high school, and everyone who plays is always in an odd state of hysteria. It will make you want to try out all of the games to feel the insane thrill of destroying your opponent, and many of the games are available on Voodoo Dreams casino – their insane RPG theme that includes spells and cool features will make you feel like a gambl...[Read More]


Crunchyroll to streamed a sneak peek of “JUJUTSU KAISEN” episode three! Fans of “JUJUTSU KAISEN” are in for a treat this weekend, as Crunchyroll is going to stream a special sneak peek of episode 3 exclusively on the Crunchyroll Collection YouTube Channel.  The sneak peek premiered Sunday, October 11 at 2 AM PT and will run for a full 24 hours, until the morning of Monday, October 12. The exclusiv...[Read More]

Superbook: Reviving Childhood Nostalgia in Our Hearts

Let’s face it: our childhood would not be complete if we did not watch cartoons or even anime. Most of the time, our youth would be filled with fantasies of having superpowers, being a detective that can solve several cases, or piloting large futuristic robots while fighting large monsters. But ever since the steady rise of anime from the 1980s, there’s one animation that would set the...[Read More]

Amazing PoC Content Creators to Follow Vol 3!

Cover photo: Stella Chuu   As a person of color, it can feel like an uphill battle trying to build a community and find support when, historically, the geek community has been overwhelmingly caucasian. That is why we have taken the time to put together a list of as many wonderful PoC content creators as possible for the sole purpose of bringing much-needed awareness to them and their hard wor...[Read More]

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