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It’s surprisingly complex for many of us to explain what exactly being a nerd and a geek means because the two categories overlap to some extent. Perhaps you also act a bit naïve in differentiating between a nerd and a geek every time you hear these terms considering them interchangeable as if they’re referring to the same person! But, if you track down these terminologies online or co...[Read More]

“Fena: Pirate Princess” Drops Anchor August 14 on Crunchyroll & Adult Swim

“Fena: Pirate Princess,” the swashbuckling samurai series inspired by Shojo manga, drops  anchor Saturday, August 14 with a special two-episode premiere on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim. Adult Swim will air the English dubbed series in North America and Crunchyroll will stream the subtitled series worldwide outside of Japan.  The English cast includes:  Fena Houtman will be voiced by Brittany Co...[Read More]

Difficult Games: From Cuphead to Super MeatBoy

For every gaming enthusiast, there are all kinds of gaming genres. From the simplest to the most challenging, the thrill is found in the mysteries, and the ability to beat different levels.  To the most experienced of gamers, maneuvering past tough challenges and picking as many rewards as possible is what makes a game what it is. As you get down to your favourite online casino, it is imperat...[Read More]

Cool Gadgets Every Geek Should Own in 2021

As we progress further and further into the future, the more sci-fi our gadgets are becoming. Once upon a time, the only place a gadget was real was on a sci-fi show, but now, well there is a vast abundance of things. And not all of them are so out there that you and I cannot use them. In fact, the problem we may have is what gadget to buy with our hard-earned cash. It’s not easy making that choic...[Read More]

Funimation Reveals New Key Art/ Trailer for Sing a Bit of Harmony

Sing a Bit of Harmony tells the story of the beautiful and mysterious Shion (Tao Tsuchiya) who transfers to Keibu High School where she quickly becomes popular for her open-hearted personality and exceptional athletic talent… but she turns out to be an AI (artificial intelligence) in the testing phase! Shion’s goal is to bring chronic loner Satomi (Haruka Fukuhara) “happiness.” But her...[Read More]

5 Ways to Buy the Newest Games Online When You Are On a Budget

You like playing online games? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t !? Nowadays online games are gaining enormous popularity among teenagers and people between 20 and 40 years old. There are a lot of free games that any of us can play but the most interesting and new ones are a bit expensive. Most of the time all new releases costs between $50 and $200 and not everyone can afford them. For those of you ...[Read More]

Sharing Your Gaming Content Online

Image Source The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has implemented all sorts of changes in our lives. Whether that’s in regards to your health, your loved ones’ health, your career, your social life or anything else. For now, let’s focus on how the pandemic might have impacted your career and social life. Government guidelines put into place to slow the spread of the virus have encouraged us to st...[Read More]

three Ways to Be a better Apex Legends Player

Apex Legends is one of the most beloved battle royales to date. It is easy to see why since the game delivers an adrenaline rush of excitement with its vast array of guns, distinct characters, and consistent updates! However, there is a steep learning curve to the game that can cause many new players to be overwhelmed or feel ashamed of their performance on the battlefield. To assist, here are thr...[Read More]

Mobile Casinos Bonus Tips 2021

Introduction Thanks to the internet, it has gotten more seamless to do things and get the experiences that we love. This has transcended to even things of leisure such as gaming. Using the internet, we can now access mobile casinos on Windows, Android or iOS devices.  Regardless of the safety concerns of mobile app, the mobile casino market has developed exponentially in recent times, and there ar...[Read More]

Making A Career In Anime

There is a common saying that if you love the work you do, it isn’t working at all. But finding career satisfaction in a niche that holds the most interest for you can be tricky. Everyone has something different that they enjoy doing, but not nearly as many people are lucky enough to do this as a career. Image Credit If you are a certified anime lover, is it possible to make a career in this...[Read More]

Showing Your Love For Your Favorite Character With An Itasha Car

In Japan, you’d often see cars with characters from anime, manga or video games painted on them. It’s a part of their otaku culture referred to as “itasha,” that translates to “painful car”. The term can also refer to Japanese slang for imported Italian cars, but in modern times, it’s more well-known for being “itai” which refers to how it’s either “painful for the wallet” or “painful to look at” ...[Read More]

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