3 Reasons Why Newcastle Will Dominate Apex Legends

The announcement of the new season of Apex Legends has everyone in the community excited for upcoming changes, story developments, and most of all the new legend: Newcastle. When you aren’t playing on casinochan.com/en-CA you’ll probably find yourself wanting to spend your money on snagging Newcastle, and for good reason! He has a lot to offer and we are going to explain 3 reasons why Newcastle will dominate Apex LEgedns this coming season!

Heroic Defender

Lamont Craig wasn’t like other dads in the neighborhood. Sure, he dropped the kids off at school and acted out multiple voices every night for Story Time with his toddler. But Lamont had secrets. Thirteen years ago, in the last great war, Lamont was a top soldier for the IMC. But once he realized his side was “the bad guys,” he made the life-changing choice to go AWOL, leaving behind his sister Anita and his real name: Jackson Williams.

“Lamont” moved to an idyllic little town called Harris Valley, where he fell in love and got married. Harris Valley was so peaceful that they didn’t even have need for law enforcement or a government. All they needed was their knight, Newcastle. But the knight had secrets of his own.

Passive: Retrieve the Wounded

Newcastle’s passive allows him to not only move downed allies but also shield them from harm in the process. For many veterans of Apex, we remember the days of Lifeline’s revive shield that plagued the game for a good while. Many called that to be too overpowered and eventually it was removed from the game. So the fact that Newcastle gets a shield and can move during the revive process means he already provides tremendous utility to his team.

Tactical: Mobile Shield

Newcastle is able to summon a shield that can move with him, allowing for easy pushes or retreats during a firefight. This opens up a world of new strategies that can be implemented in matches when approaching a variety of situations.

Ultimate: Castle Wall

To top it all off when Newcastle’s ultimate activates, it can turn the tide of a battle as he can leap to an ally or in an area and deal damage to enemies in the area while also creating a fort to allow allies to take cover in. Although the deployable wall has limited health before it can be removed, it will help to reduce the ammo of your enemies and give you and your team time to recover before getting back into the fight!

With all of these incredible abilities, Newcastle is sure to bring immense utility to any team he is in which means he is going to dominate this next season for sure!

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