4 Things You Probably Never Knew About Gaming In Windows 10

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is undoubtedly the most popular and capable one in use right now. It offers a sleek user interface, better memory management, and it provides more seamless integration with other Windows devices, much like Apple has done.

Windows 10 isn’t just an OS for productivity, of course. Millions of people globally use it for gaming, whether they’ve got custom or high-end gaming rigs or standard laptops.

If you’d like to use your PC or laptop to do more gaming, there are probably some things you might not know about Windows 10 gaming. Take a look at the following four examples:

1. You Can Play Android Games

If you’ve got an old Android smartphone, you’re probably feeling a little sad that you can’t play some top Android-specific games on it. Sure, you could pay some money to upgrade your device, but what if you don’t want to do that?

Another solution involves using a PUBG emulator for Windows 10. In a nutshell, the emulator makes your games think that your Windows PC is a high-end Android smartphone. You can use your keyboard, mouse, or joystick with your Android games on the PC.

Plus, it means you can play all the latest titles without needing to spend a lot of money buying the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone, for instance.

2. You Can Play Games From Other Computers

What happens if your Windows 10 PC only has a basic specification and isn’t good for gaming purposes? Again, you don’t have to spend lots of money upgrading your PC to turn it into a gaming rig.

Instead, what you can do is use a cloud-based system for your game processing needs via a remote connection. The game graphics get displayed on your monitor as you would expect, but your PC isn’t the machine that provides the CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage requirements.

3. You Can Use Windows 10 For VR Gaming

Another way you can use your Windows 10 PC for gaming is with a VR (virtual reality) headset. VR gaming isn’t a new concept, but there haven’t been many games or even decent VR hardware you can use until today.

Thankfully, you can now buy a VR headset that connects to your PC. Your computer provides the processing power, and the screens inside your VR headset deliver the visuals for your gaming entertainment needs.

4. Windows 10 Will Run Your Old Games

Do you have some old games titles like Duke Nukem 3D? If so, and you want to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane every so often, you don’t need to get a separate older spec machine for the purpose.

Windows 10 will happily run your old games. What’s more, Windows 10 even offers a Compatibility Mode setting for older games (and, indeed, applications). In a nutshell, Windows 10 can emulate an older operating system like Windows XP.


While many people enjoy console-based gaming, there’s still a massive demand and market share for Windows-based gaming. Windows 10 provides the best gaming experience compared with previous versions of the OS.

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