5 easy steps to make a youtube intro

Gone are the days when young minds only aimed to become doctors and engineers. Nowadays, goals, ambitions, and ways of thinking are constantly changing. Today’s generation has innovative goals, and one of these goals is becoming a Youtuber. Apart from being a popular and leading marketing platform, YouTube is literally a career option for millions! YouTube videos have the power to connect to audiences and promote your purposes in better ways than you mostly expect. But in order to take advantage of YouTube as a platform, it is vital to present quality videos to your audiences. But the great news is that making YouTube videos is no big deal now. You can now make your YouTube intro video with convenient, savvy, and free video editing tools. One of the blazing examples of such an application includes InVideo!

It is a highly trending video editing tool that a large percentage of people are using to make different types of videos for their business promotion, social media channels, personal blogs, and definitely YouTubeadvertisements!

However, this piece is going to emphasize the art of making YouTube intros in a quick, easy yet efficient way. Remember that your YouTube introduction carries more importance than they seem. The introduction holds the key to your entire channel. It passes a significant message to your audiences and can impose a long-term impact on your video promotion.

Hence, take a look at five of these practical steps to create solid YouTube intros!

#1. Summarize Your Intro with the Exact Channel Information!

Many make the mistake of keeping their YouTube Intros indistinct. You might be completely aware of what your channel or your following videos is going to be about. But, you certainly can’t expect your audience to be on the same page. They might not be able to understand what exactly your Intro is about if you are not clearly displaying it.

So, the first key is to concentrate on the message of the content. Make sure that you keep your Intro precise, crisp, and easy to understand. Begin by jotting down the points that define your channel. 

Then construct it into one or two statements that would look like a gist or a summary. The next thing you need to do is put yourself in the audience’s shows and see if you can understand the gist as a fresh mind. To define your goal even better, keep the Intro simple. This way, your YouTube Intro will answer the audience’s curiosity and explain the purpose of your channel.

#2. Keep It Short and Crisp!

Just as the name suggests, everyone expects an intro to be of a brief size. Nobody would like a lengthy introduction that keeps them engaged for too long. Keeping your video introduction brief is important because the attention span of twenty-first-century audiences and users is concise.

When you make your Intro, you need to keep in mind that everybody out there is lacking time. They want to dive into the main content or content message as soon as possible. Hence, as an Intro maker, you will have to make it informative and yet short and crisp! This will make your Intro more interesting!

#3. Set a Theme for Your Intro – You Can Use a Template (Optional)

The theme of your YouTube Intro can affect your audience’s psyche significantly. Every video content needs a theme or a specific signature style. This will define your types of content in the long run. It is a vital element that plays an essential role in any kind of screenplay.

Your Intro theme will align and emphasize the detailed elements in your videos and channel. In fact, creating a theme will give your videos a specific character, and it will be easy for you to attract the interest of audiences.

But, creating a robust and attractive theme all by yourself needs a lot of tech skills and time. So, the easy way to do it is to pick a template. You can find many interesting templates in YouTube intro editing applications nowadays and just customize them as you like!

#4. Add a USP to Your Intro!

The next step to focus on is to include a USP. Having a unique selling point can take your YouTube Intro video a long way! Different YouTube Intros come with varying types of USP. USP is almost like a point of interest that varies for every audience. You can choose quality, wise quotes, attractive pop-ups, or just an engaging style as your unique selling point.

But make sure to focus on some of the other elements that make your Intro stand out from the rest. Establishing a unique selling point will enhance the value of your Intro, and audiences shall automatically pay more attention to understand your video. 

#5. Don’t Forget the ‘Call-to-action!”

You must know that the platform of YouTube is quite saturated nowadays. Your content will not get automatic and easy attention from your viewers. So make sure that you put the effort needed from your side to grab the hard-to-get attention of your audiences.

In this case, a ‘call-to-action’ always works! At the end of the Intro, you can add a short statement or a few power words to tell your audience clearly how to proceed next! This step will make your Intro more empowering and effective!

The Bottom Line

Your YouTube Intro is as vital as your YouTube channel. It is the foundation based on which your rest of the videos or channel shall run. Hence, make sure that you do not take it lightly. You can take your YouTube intros to the next level with the help of the above steps. They can even customize them to suit your specific needs.

For instance, if you want to create a YouTube introduction with animation, you can use an application that helps you come up with an exciting wave animation. You can also do the same if you want typography in your Intro. But make sure to allow the above guide to meet the fundamental benchmark of a solid YouTube Intro!

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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: http://thegeeklyfe.com | info@thegeeklyfe.com | http://twitch.tv/the_geek_lyfe

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