Alchemy Stars Arrives for iOS and Android on June 17

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Alchemy Stars Arrives for iOS and Android on June 17
 Alchemy Stars, a new Line Strategy Mobile RPG developed by TourDog Studio, will be available for iOS and Android devices globally on June 17. An innovative new mobile game, Alchemy Stars combines online strategy RPG and card collecting gameplay to tell an epic story wrapped in captivating graphics and a dynamic musical score. Players can download the game through the Apple App Store or Google Play and begin their adventures in the world of Astra today, joining more than one million people around the world who had already pre-registered.
Alchemy Stars is set in a fantasy world that combines science and magic, with an innovative strategic gameplay and original turn-based combat where players have to master elemental attributes to formulate the best plan of attack. There is an optional auto-combat mode available, making the game accessible to RPG fans of any skill level.
A vibrant and diverse cast of heroes are at the heart of the game’s unique appeal. Each of the heroes’ unique personalities are showcased through their intricately detailed character models, outfits and stunning battle animations, brought to life by an internationally recognized cast of voice actors. To celebrate the game’s upcoming launch, Alchemy Stars has revealed new characters Philyshy, Pact, Uriel, and Nikinis, sharing new artwork for each.
  • Intel Chief Philyshy of the Phantom Rapier of the Illumina Federation: gentle, approachable with a dangerous, rebellious side
  • Pact of the True Order: loyal, honest, focused, argumentative
  • Nikinis: an ethereal beauty with a fragmented memory from the far reaches of Astra
  • Uriel: A Lumopolis knight and one of the famous Four Angels, pessimistic and standoffish
For new character artwork, screenshots and video of the game, download the press kit here.
A list of features include:

  • Stunning anime art style.
  • A lore-rich world fusing magic and technology.
  • Exciting gameplay blending RPG, card collecting, and strategy.
  • Level up your heroes and form squads to take out a variety of monsters
  • Fight with a variety of heroes from six different factions.
  • Unique gameplay stages featuring colored tiles, match heroes with their tiles to land tactical attacks.
For more information and updates about the game, visit the official site here and follow on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram.
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