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Anime Los Angeles 2019 Review

Hey everyone! Heartless Aquarius here with another convention review! I recently got to go to Anime Los Angeles, which was hosted in the Ontario Convention Center. The convention is often referred to as Ribbon Con by many cosplayers. “Why?” you may ask. Well, you can find, swap, trade, and earn ribbons that attach to your event badge throughout the whole weekend. There are some ribbon hunters who try get as many as possibly leading to incredibly long ribbon chains.

Let’s talk about how Anime Los Angeles 2019 was!

I absolutely LOVE the Ontario Convention Center. There were so many different hotel options surrounding the building itself. Along with the various places to stay, there were also many food options at the con and slightly off-site. ALA had an area full of food trucks where you could eat and there were typical fast food places surrounding the convention center. The short walking distance and easy access to food were huge pluses for me.

Anime Los Angeles also has phenomenal events throughout the weekend. In addition to the panels and masquerade, they also have a formal ball, two fashion shows, dances battles, a talent show, and a battle of the bands. It really felt like there was something for everyone to enjoy!

One critique I have about Anime Los Angeles 2019 compared to when I went in 2018 was the decrease in entrances to the convention. From what I could find, there were only two ways to enter the convention center. This caused a lot of bottle-necking and lead to a sense of dread when you realized you needed to leave the site. You would just hope the line had disappeared by the time you got back. While this was probably to ensure proper security and safety for the attendees, hopefully they’ll be able to open more entrances next year so people can get into the event quicker.

Overall, I think that Anime Los Angeles 2019 was an amazing convention! Seeing all of the cosplayers, industry guests, expansive artist alley, and vendor hall on top of all of the amazing events and ribbon madness makes this one of my all time favorite conventions. I can’t wait to go next year!


Heartless Aquarius is a cosplayer local to Arizona and has a huge passion for anime and manga! This makes her the perfect person to be dedicated to the sole task of consuming all of the Japanese content we receive and give her thoughts on it! When she isn’t turning pages and watching endless hours of Japanese animation, she is creating elaborate costumes that she features at various conventions and wins awards! Check out more of her information on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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