Bingo – a reinvention of the classic game

The classic game of Bingo has been around, in various forms, since the 1500s. The game we know today can be played in many ways, by groups of people of all sizes, with different generations, and even at events or parties. Bingo can be played not only with numbers, but words, rhymes, names, and images just to name a few. 

If you fancy spicing up your next game, why not try some of these unique spins on classic Bingo?

Rainbow Riches

Channel the luck of the Irish in this Rainbow Riches Bingo game. The game uses tickets consisting of two four leaf clovers, with a random number displayed on each section of the leaf. There’s a range of wins on offer, including the Clover and House, with the final prize depending on the number of tickets purchased. The more tickets – the bigger the prize pot at the end of the rainbow! 

The first prize in the game is the one Clover prize, which can be won by the player who has all four numbers in a single clover section on one of their tickets called. The House prize then goes to the player who has all the numbers on each of their clover sections, featured on a single ticket. 

The number of Rainbow Clovers that have been drawn during the game decides how far the lucky Leprechaun moves along a rainbow at the end. The leprechaun has the potential to move up to two steps per game. Along the rainbow there are different prize pots up for grabs, these include:

  • Bronze – 10th step on the rainbow
  • Silver – 25th step on the rainbow
  • Gold – 50th step on the rainbow

If the leprechaun lands on, or passes over a prize pot, and you bought at least one ticket for the game, you will receive a share of the pot. The prize varies as to whether the leprechaun lands on the prize pot or just passes it, so it really is down to the luck of your four-leaf clover. 

Fluffy Favourites

Another take on the classic Bingo game is Fluffy Favourites. Gameplay starts from just 0.25 credits per spin. This fun, light-hearted, animal filled instalment of the Fluffy Favourites slot franchise includes a progressive jackpot with payouts worth up to 10,000x. With additional bonus games and a free spin feature that can be triggered more than once throughout gameplay, you won’t want to miss your chance to play with the familiar animals on the reels. A toybox feature is activated whenever you find three or more claw symbols, where you will be taken to a new screen and a pick-me style game, where you can click toys and potentially win up to 100x your initial bet. 

You can play Fluffy Favourites for real cash, alongside so many other online versions of Bingo, where, during any spin, you have the chance of triggering one of the progressive jackpots – leaving you to decide whether you want to gamble all of your previous winnings in a 50/50 game, to either double your bankroll or loose it all. 

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