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Bovada Poker Platform Reviews for Online Players

Having started out in 2004 as a part of the Bodog Network founded by Calvin Ayre, Bovada Poker quickly became one of the biggest online poker rooms for US players. Boasting a top ten worldwide ranking as an online poker site, it is based in Costa Rica and has one of the highest traffic for poker in the US and is known for its fast cash-out options. It is hands down one of the safest online poker rooms available today. Aside from its poker games, it also provides Casino, Sports and Horse Race betting for its members. This Bovada Poker review will give you an insight into it so you can learn some of its components before diving into the action.

Perks of Bovada Poker

Bonuses: Bovada provides hefty sign-up bonuses to all first-timers. All poker players receive a bonus of 100% of up to $1000, which is one of the highest in popular poker rooms. When you deposit any amount at Bovada, you can rest assured that it will be doubled. There is a deadline of sixty days to clear out the bonus, and it will be transferred to your bank instantly after that.

Software and Graphics: Its software has been developed for over 14 years, and is tidy and super easy to navigate. Although there is no instant play option, the Bovada software that is required to be downloaded is crisp and clean. It is easy to install on both Windows and Mac operating systems, and just as simple to uninstall as well, if you wish. Some of the elements of its software include custom game filters, rabbit hunting and quick seat functionality. The last feature means that you will not have to wait for too long into order to enter a game, and will be able to make earnings as fast as possible.

Anonymous Player Policy: The names of the players whom you will play with in a room are never displayed, so you will not be able to recognize them and no one at the table will be able to hazard a guess at how you are playing. This means that each time you play, it will be as if you are playing at a fresh table. This is one of the most advantageous features of Bovada Poker, which distinguishes it from most other online poker rooms.

Lack of HUDs: Since the players are only shown as numbers on the screen, there are no heads-up displays that track player statistics in real time. Some high stakes players are not fond of this feature, because it does not allow them to know how to handle certain players through their statistics. However, Bovada has insisted on the lack of HUDs in order to promote the recreational quality of poker suited for every kind of player.

Game Variety at Bovada Poker

There are lots of games offered at Bovada poker, including all the heavy hitters. For the less popular games, you might have to look into other poker rooms online, but this one provides the least obscure games that make it accessible to both experienced players and amateurs. Games like Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, and 5 Card Stud make up a small part of the list of games available for its members.

But what is perhaps the most interesting feature of Bovada Poker is its own “zone” poker whose introduction changed the online poker industry. It is a fast-fold poker game, which means that once you fold a hand at one table, you will instantly be moved to another table to play a new hand. All the while, Bovada will uphold its anonymous policy and you will not be aware of who you are playing with at fresh tables. If you’re looking for more in-depth information, you can read this Bovada Poker review presented by online poker experts at OnlinePokerAmerica.com.


Bovada hosts a weekly tournament which you can enter once you have accumulated 1000 poker points if you want to enter the $100,000 guarantee, but there are other tournaments for which you need as little as 25 poker points. There are tournaments fit for every taste ranging from free rolls and multi-table games. Information about ongoing tournaments are regularly updated on the Bovada software, so all you need to do is keep an eye out to find the one which is the most interesting.

Customer Support and Privacy

Bovada Poker is known to have one of the top-notch customer supports in the gambling industry. The staff is quick to answer any queries related to playing, withdrawals and deposits. The app is also extremely customer friendly, as it allows all kinds of payment options that are guaranteed to keep your information secure. A lot of other online poker rooms block US players and they have trouble with withdrawing their winnings, but this is not the case with Bovada. It is therefore no surprise that it has gained the reputation of being the best online poker room in the United States. Bovada utilizes financial procedures that guarantee that only you and no one else will be able to access your account to make withdrawals.

Once you create a Bovada Poker account, you will be able to indulge in Casino, Sports and Horse Race Betting as well from the very same account. It is a great poker platform, and if you are from the US, it is highly recommended that you sign up regardless of if you’re a novice player or experiences with high stakes. It is a software made for everyone, and it revolutionizes the workings of an online poker room through its excellent features.

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