ThatBronzeGirl Is an Incredible Content Creator You Should Check Out!

There are thousands upon thousands of Twitch streamers that you can watch but today I am going to focus on ThatBronzeGirl. Thatbronzegirl is a Twitch streamer, actress, writer, and so much more! In these trying times, I offer you the cutest shit ever to start off your day. An elephant in a sari. pic.twitter.com/hhAkhkJAGg — ThatBronzeGhoul (@ThatBronzeGirl) May 22, 2020 The above tweet floated acr...[Read More]

Good Donuts and Great Drinks at the Dunkin Blogger Event!

This is a sponsored post and I was compensated by Dunkin for my participation. I’ve loved donuts for as long as I can recall. There is something wonderful about the soft, crispy, sweet goodness of a donut that you just can’t pass up. That is why I was super excited to attend Dunkin‘s Blogger Event over in North Phoenix.   View this post on Instagram   So excited to be a...[Read More]

Love Nikki Events Are the Future (Pink, Interactive and Great Smelling)

Have you ever heard of the mobile game where a (usually) pink-haired girl has to solve her problems with amazing fashion sense? Have you ever PLAYED that game? If you have, chances are you could be a fan of Love Nikki-Dress Up QUEEN and/or its entire aesthetic.  The Love Nikki brand has been popping up in and around various conventions for the past year. I first recalled seeing a Love Nikki booth ...[Read More]

Costumed Heroes Saving the Day has Become a Reality with Put on the Cape Fun Run

Cosplay volunteers were out in full force, this 18th, at Steele Indian School Park for the First Annual Put on the Cape Fun Run. The event was sold out by the day of the race, having raised $5,000 for children who have been separated from their abusers. The South West Family Advocacy Center and many like it; provide food, shelter, and a safe space for children in need. Over 400 attendants gathered...[Read More]

The Problem with Sexual Abuse in the Geeky Community

Trigger warning: This article contains descriptions of sexual abuse When Cynthia Naugle came out with her post on December 10, 2018, regarding an unnamed abusive person in her past while working at a comic book store, the geeky community was astounded. The world put on their investigative shoes and found out who the unnamed abuser was the day after–Eric Esquivel. Within two weeks he had lost...[Read More]

Nervous Nerds who Need New Relief: Try CBD oil

We all know that nerds and geeks are a group full of people who have anxiety, me being one of them. This oftentimes holds us captive from going out and socializing with anyone in person. We can slay dire beasts in Dungeons & Dragons, level up quick in MMORPGs, and feel at ease chatting online. But crowds of new faces and unique minds can be way too much to handle, unless you’re cosplaying as s...[Read More]

Geeky Maker of the Month: Aras Custom Designs

We feature a lot of cosplayers on this site, and there are a lot of other creators out there that we’d like to begin featuring. So, we’re introducing a new feature we’ll be promoting: Geeky Maker of the Month! For our very first Geeky Maker of the Month, we’re proud to feature a woman that makes the most amazing Dungeons & Dragons accessories: Aras Sivad aka Aras Custom Desig...[Read More]

Enjoy All Things Spoopy? You Need to Check Out The Final Boys!

Enjoy All Things Spoopy? You Need to Check Out The Final Boys! Enjoy things that go bump in the night? Do you love playing scary games, watching terrifying films, or reading up on the worst of the worst when it comes to the occult? Then you need to check out The Final Boys! The Final Boys is a podcast created by horror buffs Mathew Mousallam and Dustin Perrotti. They are a pair of incredible frien...[Read More]

Interview: Sincerely Sam

Interview: Sincerely Sam Ladies and gentlemen I have a wonderful artist to introduce you to! She is the creator of all things dope, kawaii, and pretty darn purple! Her name is Sincerely Sam and she specializes in creating fan art of her favorite series along with her own original creations. She can be found at most conventions on the west coast offering her incredible wares to anyone lucky enough ...[Read More]

Q&A: Justin Carter and Negative_Space Demo

Q&A: Justin Carter and Negative_Space Demo   Phoenix Comicon isn’t just a hub for cosplayers and geeky brand lovers; it also features the Southwest Video Game Showcase, a place where game designers and creators come together to show off their new games and preview the competition. Within this group, awards are given to the best of the best, paying tribute to up-and-coming creators a...[Read More]

Feature: Art of Lisa Sikorski

Feature: Art of Lisa Sikorski Hello friends! Today I am going to introduce you to a super dope artist by the name of Lisa Sikorski aka Art of Lisa Sikorski! She specializes in painting with acrylics for the past 3 years and does incredible character drawings of many popular figures. You can find a good amount of her work for sale on her etsy shop! I have seen her at multiple conventions and her wo...[Read More]

FreeplayFrenchie Reviews EGX Rezzed 2017

FreeplayFrenchie Reviews EGX Rezzed 2017 For those of you living across the pond in the beautiful British Isles you may have heard of EGX before, a big and very popular gaming convention where indie studios and big game developers alike can showcase their games to hundreds of fans. It’s an incredibly popular convention with gamers and one that I’ve always wanted to go to, even though I...[Read More]

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