Common Worries That People May Have When It Comes To You And Your Gaming

Life is all about digital entities these days. So much technology, so many ways we can use it, and gaming has grown in popularity amongst all ages in recent years. Especially in the last year where people have had to stay at home more frequently. However, this new interest may start to cause concern for the people who love you most. Parents maybe, your partners or friends. But what are the common worries they may have? Let’s explore in the hope that highlighting them may help you to manage your gaming hobby.

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Too tired for school or other educational commitments


This is one that many parents of a gamer will have. Young adults and children who mutter the words “I’m too tired for school.” It is by far one of the most common complaints of parents of gamers and the whole main reason is that children can spend too much time and stay up too late playing on their consoles because most of the time the item is in their bedroom. Many kids won’t have a massive grasp on time, and will pinpoint the fact that at the time in the evening they won’t feel tired and will just carry on until they do. But as parents, you know that they need a certain amount of decent quality sleep to be able to function the next day. If you find that this is a big problem for you why not implement some rules and make sure they are enforced. If you think you have an issue yourself, then try and give yourself time limits when playing games.  


The type of games they play


There is also a distinct difference between the types of games people play. There are some people that enjoy playing games on their consoles, online rather than the actual game itself. There are some who would prefer gaming on their phones, so they can do this out and about and on the go. Looking online at things like PlayPhone Games for different options. Maybe they like the idea of playing games as part of a team, or perhaps playing with friends and family online. There are so many types of games that people tend to have a specific interest ina type or genre. 


Are boys worse than girls?


To be honest, there are surveys and results that suggest that boys can get more addicted to gaming than girls. This is due to the biological wiring in the brain. But it can also be to do with the desire of conquests and to achieve some dominance. Boys tend to focus on the one thing whereas girls could have multiple things going on while they are playing the game such as talking to friends, doing their homework, replying to a text message. Boys tend to focus all of their energy into the one thing, hence why the addiction can be slightly more intense for boys. 


Is there anything you can do?


Finally, while you can’t always be the ogre parent and say no to gaming, there are rules you can put in place to ensure that your child doesn’t spend too much playing on the games. You could put time limits on playing, you could ask that a child does other activities as well like all of their school homework or engaging with the family. Or even have an agreed bedtime. Just keeping more of an eye on things should help you feel better about what is going on. 


Let’s hope that this helps anyone out there worried about a gaming hobby.

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