Cosplayer Of The Month: Amber Skies


Cosplayer Of The Month: Amber Skies

Amber Skies, Amber Skies, Amber Motha Flippin Skies. This is a female cosplayer from Arizona who has been a huge favorite of mine for quite some time. Despite attending multiple conventions together, I always seemed to miss her just by a sliver! I finally got to meet her at Wondercon earlier in the year for a brief five minutes just to take her photo and gush about how much of a fan I was of her. I probably sounded, and acted like, a spazzed out dofus but it’s all good! As long as I got to talk to her!

Since that convention I emailed her back and forth for an interview but we were both so busy that nothing seemed to work. Meanwhile Amber Skies did so many incredible cosplays from The Goblin King from Labyrinth, Sonic, Helga from Atlantis, various Disney princesses,  and so much more! She is such a wonderful person who teaches kids in her day job and then hustles to work on cosplay at night while also making time to work for Disney? Yes. She is a unicorn and yes, she is majestic.

I want to thank her so much for answering a few of our silly questions! I do still want to meet up with her one day to get a more serious interview so fans can get a chance to learn more about her as a person and as a cosplayer!

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Until then, enjoy this video interview! 😀

Follow more of Amber Skies on all of her social medias!

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