Cosplayer Of The Week: ElfyAubrie

I think you need to know of a fantastic cosplayer who is filled with such positive energy with a gothic exterior. She is ElfyAubrie and she can typically be found running up and down the halls of various conventions with her homie, Krash Cosplay. Admittedly, when I first met EflyAubrie I was intimidated because she was so bubbly and hyper but after a few encounters, I became accustomed to her and found that she made every convention that much better because of her spirit!

That is just her as a person, as a cosplayer, she has done so many fantastic costumes! Everything from gender-bent Ryuuk to various Pokemon, Scarecrow, and so many others. She never does anything basic, it always has to be original and outgoing. After years of being friends, I finally pinned her down at Saboten for an interview! Deegan helped interview her and I hope you enjoy it!

You absolutely need to check out ElyAubrie and you will no doubt become a fan of her and her work! If you attend a convention and know that she’ll be there, just look for the super dope cosplayer running up and down the halls with an unlimited amount of energy. Be sure to check her out on Facebook and Instagram!


Genderbend RYUK – Photographer: Jory Blaine

Barbarian – Courtex Studios

IMP – Photographer Jory Blaine

Under water – Photographer Mort Productions

Punk Rock Super Mario and Luigi – Photographer: Jam Sani Photography

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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: | |

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