Cosplayer of the Week: Katieasaur Cosplay

Cosplayer of the Week: Katieasaur Cosplay

Hey friends! I hope your week has been going well! This week we have a fantastic cosplayer for you by the name of Katieasaur Cosplay! She came highly recommended to us by our homie Ambokilluh Cosplay, with such words of praise we decided to check her out and sure enough we were blown away by her! Katieasaur is a California based cosplayer who cosplays a whole range of characters, many of which come from comic books. I really enjoy her as a costumer because of her passion for some of the classics such as Sif or Rogue!

I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do and enjoy our interview with her!

Geek Lyfe: Although I am a fan of yours, there may be a few Geek Lyfers who have not seen your work before, would you be alright introducing yourself?

Katieasaur Cosplay: Hi, I am Katieasaur Cosplay and I am a cosplayer from Southern California. I have been doing this for 5 years now, although I have taken breaks at times due to finances and time. I am usually recognized for my Lady Loki, Sif and Agent Carter cosplays. I have been lucky enough to be featured by Marvel on their website, on their instagram and in print.

GL: I’ve followed you for sometime yet never learned the origin story! Could you tell us how you got into cosplay and what led you to where you are now?

KC: I originally started cosplaying as Katniss Everdeen at Anime Expo 2012. My friend invited me to join her and I knew I had to cosplay when I went to make it the full experience. I have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears (literally) into my cosplays which is how I got where I have.

GL: What has been your favorite moment so far cosplaying?

KC: So far, my favorite moments in cosplay have included meeting some of the Avengers while dressed as Loki and meeting Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter at SDCC and being brought up on stage to meet and take photos.

GL: What is the most frustrating part?

KC: The most frustrating part about cosplaying is making the cosplays. Anyone who has ever had to learn how to sew knows exactly what I mean. Plus, learning how to make props and style wigs has been difficult as well.

GL: Is there one situation in your Cosplay career that makes you laugh when you look back on it? If so, what is it?

KC: I can’t think of a specific situation in which I would have laughed on

GL: When you aren’t doing making costumes or making videos, what do you do in your spare time?

KC: In my spare time I have earned both a multiple subject teaching credential and a M.Ed. Now, I work as a substitute teacher during my work days. I also love to take pictures, hike and hang out with my friends.

GL: What geek medium(Video Games, Comic Books, Novels, Movies etc.) made the biggest impact on your life and why?

KC: Novels. I am an avid bookworm and love to read fantasy and sci fi type books. I have also read a lot of comics. Books to me are definitely life changing and the experience can never be repeated.

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GL: If you could take on the powers of someone you previously cosplayed as, who would it be and why?

KC:  I would probably be Loki or Sif because I’m a giant, mischievous person that fights for what I believe in.

GL: Which cosplay do you hate to wear due to being uncomfortable the most but love to have worn it for photos and conventions?

KC: Lady Loki is the most uncomfortable to wear because of the horns. They are a huge pain and I always have a welt on my forehead by the end of the day no matter what but I really love wearing it. The lekku from my twi’lek and Lady Sif’s headpiece are also extremely uncomfortable.

GL: Do you have any projects in the near future we should be excited to see?

KC: I’m thinking that you will have to stay tuned to see what I come up with next…musical inspired…comic…movie… we shall see.

GL: What advice do you have for aspiring cosplayers?

KC: Never give up, never surrender.

I hope you enjoyed our interview with Katieasaur Cosplay! She is wonderful in so many ways, be sure to check out more of her work on Facebook and Instagram! Have a great cosplayer you want to see interviewed? Let us know at!

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