Cosplayer of the Week: Lemon Bell Cosplay

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Cosplayer of the Week: Lemon Bell Cosplay

Lemon Bell Cosplay has been our homie for years and is always fantastic to work with. Yet somehow, some way, we just barely interviewed her earlier this year at Anime Los Angeles 2018! Lemon Bell is a young costumer located in Arizona that has a burning passion for Star Wars, Anime, and a mess of other geeky fandoms.

She always gives it her all when it comes to a new costume and shows off a ton of progress on Instagram! It is such a rare find to have a geek who not only loves a fandom, creates a badass cosplay of said fandom, and brings Beyonce-like modeling to conventions all while being down to earth and kind hearted!

I hope you enjoy our interview with Lemon Bell Cosplay!

The Geek Lyfe: How are you liking ALA 2018?

Lemon Bell Cosplay: It is fun! I am excited to meet new people!

TGL: What cosplays did you bring this weekend?

LBC: I brought a casual Rogue pilot cosplay from Star Wars and Ranma 1/2!

TGL: Right on! What is your cosplay origin story?

LBC: When I first heard about cosplay I actually didn’t like it. I did not understand it; I was into sports and was very shy. I only really did homework and stayed home. When my friends introduced it to me and made me go to a con I had a blast! It was so much fun. Ever since then I have been trying more and more to get into the artistic side, meet new people, and just get out of my shy shell so to speak.

TGL: What year did you get into the convention scene?

LBC: 2013. It was fun for a few years and then I started taking it seriously in 2016.

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TGL: Were you a geek even beforehand or did cosplay introduce you to this whole world of anime and manga?

LBC: Oh yeah! I never knew what cosplay was but I was a huge fan. My first animes were Sailor Moon, Ranma, Inuyasha, all of the basics! I loved Star Wars. My dad is a huge Sci Fi nerd so I would watch all of the Star Wars, Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica. So I was already introduced to nerdy stuff, I had just not known about cosplay aspect yet.

TGL: A bit of a geeky question: Out of all of the fandoms that you have been a part of, what is one of them that you wish you could really become? A Jedi, space captain, wizard, etc.?

LBC: That is a tough one! I have wanted this since I was little but I have always always always wanted to be a Sailor Scout. Whether it is Sailor Venus or Sailor Moon, I still have not done it yet but I want to! That has always been a dream! Or a Disney Princess!

TGL: Out of all of the years you have done cosplay, what would be one of your favorite moments?

LBC: In 2016 I started cosplaying Tinkerbell more and I brought her to AX(Anime Expo). There were a lot of kids there and every time a kid would see me, they would either be really really shy or they would be so excited that little girls would sprint to me and hug me. That would have to be my favorite moment, when little kids look up to me as an idol. Just seeing them smile and causing them happiness, it just warms my heart! I love it!

TGL: And on the opposite end, what is one of the more difficult aspects of cosplay?

LBC: A difficult aspect of cosplay is that with characters, especially females, their costumes require a certain skill level or comfort level. That is always hard to put yourself out there. Like Cindy from Final Fantasy 15 for example, she shows off her stomach and I am not confident in that area! However, you learn to love yourself and learn that everybody doesn’t care, they all think you are great.

TGL: What is your dream cosplay? Regardless of funding or skill level.

LBC: Oh my gosh! It is Disney Princess Aurora and her blue ball gown! But a really intricate, beautiful, detailed, dress. It is my dream but it has been put on the back burner for so long! One day!

TGL: What is one piece of advice that you wish you could have received when you were just starting out?

LBC: Don’t stress. When you see other people planning all of these amazing cosplays and you want to do it too. But then something will come up whether it is financial, mental, emotional and you are unable to finish something just do not stress. Don’t ever be disheartened that you can’t cosplay something because there is always next convention, there is always another time. As long as it makes you happy that is all that matters.


We want to thank Lemon Bell Cosplay so much for taking the time to answer a few of our questions. She is a great person and wicked talented, you’ll no doubt enjoy her content featured on Facebook and Instagram!

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