Cosplayer of the Week: Khainsaw

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Cosplayer of the Week: Khainsaw

Khainsaw has always been one of my favorite cosplayers in the community for a number of reasons. I could tell that even without talking to her that she was smart, talented, and driven. I had always wanted to talk with her about her success in the past but never had the courage because, well, girls are scary. Even more so when it comes to Khainsaw because she looks as though you have offended her as a default appearance but thankfully I found out, thanks to Doogan, that she is legitimately such a sweet and kind person.

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At Game On Expo I got to chat with Khainsaw one on one and she went into detail about her love for cosplay, the struggle of traveling to conventions, and even her venture into photography in order to cut costs for her business. I admired her so much more as we continued our conversation and exchanged advice in our respective fields. I was so grateful that she accepted not only our interview request but also agreed to be in our skit!

We interview a number of cosplayers and all of them are fantastic in so many ways but it is always a pleasure to talk with someone who takes their hobby and turns into into their business. Khainsaw has done just that with her Patreon where she offers fans exclusive costumes and photos in exchange for financial support. That money then goes to funding her next costume, equipment, travel costs, and so much more. Beyond how saavy she is at business, she is a world renowned cosplayer as she has been recognized multiple times from various outlets and her costumes always slay the cosplay forums from Facebook to Reddit.

I hope you enjoy our interview with Khainsaw and be sure to check out more about here on Facebook, Instagram, and Patreon!

Cover photo by Eurobeat
Sailormoon by Chocozumo

Mileena by Courtex Studios

Ragyo by

Misty by Khainsaw

Ryuuko by

Nonon by Deegan Marie Photography


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