Cosplayer of the Year 2017

Here at The Geek Lyfe, we love cosplay and know that every single cosplayer is fantastic in their own way. However, out of the various cosplayers we have interviewed in the past, we thought it would be a great idea to have Cosplayers of the Year! Above image was created by the fantastic Chocozumo!

These few are folks who put their heart and soul in their work. Social media likes be damned! It is the quality of work, the amount of new cosplays debuted, character, creativity, and the courage to do things they aren’t used to that makes a cosplayer great!

We worked hard to reduce a great list of costumers consisting of around 65+, down to only 15. Two of these cosplayers were hand picked by Darth Mexican and Deegan Marie from 2016 to participate because they knocked it out of the park with their cosplays and could not be denied! These two cosplayers are