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Crunchyroll Expo is Right Around The Corner!

Crunchyroll Expo is Right Around The Corner!

Are you free in two weeks and need a dope convention to attend? Look no further than Crunchyroll Expo that takes place in a couple weeks. If you are not familiar with Crunchyroll, they are a super dope source for anime that legal and helps support the various companies who make the content we often gush over. They are throwing their own expo that will be held in the Santa Clara Convention Center on August 25th through the 27th.

What is going on there?

Per the press release:


  • Amazing Guests: Two-time Olympian Johnny Weir, Mythbusters Alum Adam Savage, and writer and illustrator of fan-favorite The Ancient Magus’ Bride Kore Yamazaki will all be in attendance hosting signings and panels. Kore will even be creating 10 original sketches for a few lucky winners at the convention.
  • Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt: This free-to-play interactive scavenger hunt adventure allows attendees to collect the Dragon Balls scattered across the convention center to help save the Earth!
  • Yoshitaka Amano Gallery: For the first time in the US in more than 7 years, fine artist Yoshitaka Amano will be exhibiting his artwork in a gallery at CRX.
  • Incredible Cosplay: Cosplay superstar Mostflogged will be debuting her costume of our very own mascot — Hime! In addition, we’ll be hosting the Crunchyroll Expo Masquerade ULTRA DELUXE  (cosplay runway contest) where fans can compete with other cosplayers and performers for awesome prizes!
  • Castlevania!: The director + CEO of Powerhouse Animation Studio—the team behind the massive cult favorite game Castlevania—will be joining CRX.
  • Dream Daddy: By now you’ve seen this viral game taking over your newsfeeds. The creators and voice actors behind Dream Daddy will be at CRX to talk about the hit game.
  • RWBY Meet & Greet: The creative team behind the smash-hit western anime RWBY will be at CRX to talk with fans.
  • Kids Day: Sunday will be filled with family-friendly programming, including 15-foot inflatable characters, face painting, fun coloring activities and more. Plus, kids under 6 will be admitted for free on Sunday, while anyone under 12 will only have to pay $10 –– for context, a one-day pass on Sunday costs $40, so that is significant savings!
  • Exclusive merch: Fans will have the chance to buy one-of-kind Crunchyroll Expo merchandise, including t-shirts, bags and more. You can get a preview of the exclusive merch here.

This event should be a ton of fun and cosplay is heavily encouraged so fans can celebrate their favorite characters all weekend! They do state their rules online, here is what they provided:

  • Costumes must be appropriate to wear in public – if you can’t wear it on the streets of Santa Clara, you can’t wear it in Crunchyroll Expo.
  • Prop weapons are allowed at Crunchyroll Expo as long as they’re made of cardboard, foam, or similar light material.
  • Prop firearms are allowed only if they can’t be mistaken for real weapons, and the barrel of all prop guns must be covered with brightly-colored caps. No cap guns, airsoft guns, or BB guns at all.
  • Prop bows will be allowed providing all arrows have soft tips and will not be shot.
  • No metal weapons, sharp weapons, or blunt weapons.
  • No water guns, silly string, vuvuzelas, or fire.
  • Costumes associated with hate speech, prejudice, or discrimination are forbidden.
  • Naked isn’t a costume.

I am so excited for this event, it is going to be fantastic and I hope to make it out there personally! The ticket price is $65 for the weekend which is incredibley cheap consider the $100 price tag other cons have but you can drop $350 for the VIP pass which gets you:
“A day or weekend ticket gets you access to most of the guests, exhibits, and events at Crunchyroll Expo, but if you want it first and want it fast, you want to be a VIP. Crunchyroll Expo VIP PLUS Tickets include Friday, Saturday, and Sunday admission to Crunchyroll Expo’s Exhibit Hall, Artist Alley, panels, screenings, and special events; First Access to the Exhibit Hall (before Premium Members); Collector’s Lanyard and Badge; 10% Off at the Crunchyroll Expo Store; VIP Backpack; First Seating at all Main Stage Events; Four Guaranteed Guest Autographs; and Awesome VIP Merch! VIP merchandise will not ship – held for pick up at Crunchyroll Expo.” – via

Be sure to check out their website for more information! If you are interested in purchasing tickets, click here!



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