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Destiny 2: Scourge of the Past Raid has Its World First Clear

Bungie’s flagship title, Destiny 2, launched a brand spankin’ new raid at 9:00 AM PST, this morning. The new raid is titled Scourge of the Past, and brings guardians back to The Last City. This wasn’t a surprise drop, and all of the usual suspects were primed and ready to race for the world first title. In the end it was Gigz and company that accomplished this feat, and will be taking home the world first belts this time around. And yes, there’s actual, physical belts they are awarded. Here’s Bungie’s confirmation of their achievement.

Does Size Matter?

Before today, people were wondering just how large of a scale this raid would be, as there’s lots of disputing between what constitutes a raid vs. a raid lair. Today we have a bit of clarification on just how big this raid is. Presuming they started right at 09:00 AM PST, it took Gigs’s fireteam about 2 hours to figure out all of the mechanics and overcome any light level deficit. This is leaps and bounds faster than the world first for The Last Wish raid, which took a grueling 18 hours. Some people are upset about this and some of us really won’t mind a shorter raid to bang out faster each week.

Raid Swag

While you can’t be first, you can still be next. Any guardians wanting to get there hands on a sweet, exclusive raid jacket and a limited in game emblem, here’s Bungie’s stipulations:

You have until 9AM Pacific on 12/12 to beat the raid and claim your code to purchase the jacket on the Bungie Store.

And here is a look at all of these rewards. (Sorry the belt is only for World First, which has already been claimed.)

I’m really glad that Bungie is starting to tie in in-game achievements with real world items. So, you got the Ace of Spades within a certain time limit? Here’s a scaled replica that only you can buy. You got Thunderlord in the first 2 weeks? Here’s a code to be able to pick up this sweet shirt. It’s a trend I’m very interested in supporting and I think more games can learn from this.

Eyes Up, Guardian

So, are you going to try and tackle the raid before Wednesday? I know I’m going to try to get my grubby guardian paws on that jacket. I didn’t get the one they did for The Last Wish raid, and I need one of these in my life. I mean, a jacket with a customized patch with my internet handle on it?! I’d do unspeakable things for this. Good luck out there, guardians!

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