Dunkey Reviews Final Fantasy VII Remake and Twitter Freaks Out

While many gamers rejoice as one of their favorite Japanese Role Playing Games, Final Fantasy VII was remade there was one gamer whose opinion differed. Video game critic, Dunkey, published his review of the Final Fantasy VII Remake on his YouTube channel and almost immediately became trending on Twitter.


Dunkey is known for having strong opinions on beloved games while adding in some witty jokes and crude language. Most of the time gamers either love or hate his content because of its bold and offensive nature. Naturally, people from both sides of the fence rallied on Twitter to voice their opinions.

One of the major reasons for the outrage is because, in the review of Final Fantasy VII, he casually provides spoilers for the beloved game. Frustrated viewers advised their concerns since many new gamers never got the chance to play the 23-year-old game and wanted to experience it first hand. On the other hand, defenders remind the community that the original game has been out for 23 years.

During the video Dunkey also digs deep into what he considers to be major flaws in the game from the voice acting to liberties made on the original story. Ultimately, he did not have a positive view on the game which also fueled the rage for fans of the franchise.

Admittedly, it was entertaining to say the least to see such passion explode across the social media platform. For more information on Dunkey, be sure to check out his YouTube channel. If you are interested in Final Fantasy VII Remake, check out the official website.


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