Ella Fitzgerald Influenced “Bad Blood” Cover


Ella Fitzgerald Influenced “Bad Blood” Cover

Every Thursday an incredible channel by the name of Post Modern Jukebox posts a new video of talented performers who take various pop songs and throw their own spin making the songs 100x better. This week is no different as Aubrey Logan joins the Post Modern Jukebox band and covers Bad Blood originally by Taylor Swift. Ms. Logan has an incredibly distinct voice comparable to the one and only Ella Fitzgerald. Her voice dances through out the song, racing against the piano before stopping suddenly and drawing out her words. I should also mention that there is great trombone solo mid way through that Logan totally kills.

Overall, the song is an instant hit with me and everyone I have shown the video to and I sincerely hope we get to see more Aubrey Logana nd her magical voice more often. It’s great to see more and more artists join the band to play some wonderful songs. I love me some Ariana Savalas, Haley Reinhart, Morgan jAmes, and Casey Abrams but Logan has a voice that would make even Ella Fitzgerald proud!

With out further ado, check out the song for yourself!

Check out Post Modern Jukebox for more amazing hits! 

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