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About Us - Recruitment FAQ

What kind of guild are you?

We are the Emerald Templars, a casual Horde raiding guild on Wyrmrest Accord (US-RP). We have a core raid team that pushes heroic content as quickly as possible, and does high level mythic plus keys. We welcome everyone to come with us to our normal raids that take place on Saturday, and to hang out with us in guild chat! If you’re not on the Wyrmrest Accord server, you can still join our Horde side community! To join, message an officer (Roflzkun, Herzdieb, Schrei, Ruhe, Jonymill, Nautikk) in-game and let them know how you found out about the guild!

What days do you raid?

We raid Thursdays and Saturdays from 6-9PM PST. Once heroic is solidly cleared in one night, it becomes heroic on Thursday and normal on Saturday. We typically do m+ after raid time on Saturdays, or Thursday if we clear quickly.

I definitely want to raid/do m+. What do?

We require a 30+ ilvl adjusted percentile ranking on Warcraft Logs for the core raid team, and everyone is welcome to normal raids! For m+, usually the requirement to be part of the main raid is sufficient to be including in the m+ runs. However, you do need to take initiative in making sure you get into a group as officers really can’t keep track of everyone. We are not interested in carrying people and these requirements exist as a way to hold people accountable for carrying their own weight. If you can not meet these requirements, we’re more than happy to guide you to resources to improve.

Do you guys do mythic raiding?

No. We value getting to a point where progression is “over” rather than endless mythic progression, and would rather just focus on getting heroic down quickly and efficiently.

I have a lot of real life stuff going on. What if I want to raid but my attendance is spotty?

We’re not super strict on attendance as we’re pretty casual and understand that shit happens. If you’re a dps or healer that can also dps as an offspec, typically it’ll be no big deal for you to miss a couple days. However, you do need to be courteous to your fellow raid members and try to give notice when you’ll be gone. It’s not a huge deal, but showing up only after progression and getting gear/AotC then peacing out forever is kind of scummy and rude to your fellow raiders who keep things going week to week. TLDR: Don’t be a dick about it and we’ll be fine.

Is this an RP guild?

Nope, not really. Some members dabble in RP, but there are no official RP events. We do have an RP backstory for the guild though:

The Emerald Templars are a groups of mortals from all walks of life who worship the Dragon Aspect Ysera of the green dragonflight. Though Ysera was corrupted by Xavius and the Emerald Nightmare before being defeated by Tyrande and the Cenarion Circle, she later gave heroes her assistance in the fight with Xavius. Her ghostly appearance can be seen walking across a lake in the Emerald Dream towards a void touched flower in a cave. These tales show that despite her apparent death, Ysera has not truly left us.

The Emerald Templars welcome any man or woman into their ranks so long as they revere Ysera and her green dragonflight, and answer the call to arms when needed. The most elite members of the Emerald Templars are granted the title of Hammer of Ysera. They are the first into battle and the last to leave when threats arise.

Is this a PvP guild?

Nope, not really. Some members like to PvP occasionally, but no official PvP events at all.

I just want a place for people to not spam me with ginvites. Can I just be a super casual?

Yup! That’s totally okay too. If you want to just be a guild lurker, you’re welcome to!

Schrei's "git gud" Starter Pack

Class discords – TONS OF USEFUL INFO!
Death Knight: https://discord.gg/acherus
Druid: https://discord.gg/0dWu0WkuetF87H9H
Hunter: https://discord.gg/HxV3TR5
Mage: https://discord.gg/0gLMHikX2aZ23VdA
Monk: https://discord.gg/0dkfBMAxzTkWj21F
Paladin: https://discord.gg/0dvRDgpa5xbkiAmD
Priest: https://discord.gg/0f1Ta8lT8xXXEAIY
Rogue: https://discord.gg/0h08tydxoNi7DSNe
Shaman: https://discord.gg/earthshrine
Warlock: https://discord.gg/0onXDymd9Wpc2CEu
Warrior: https://discord.gg/0pYY7932lTKNhkuJ
Demon Hunter : https://discord.gg/zGGkNGC

Emerald Templars logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/233666/

WoW analyzer (not all specs are supported fully):

Not sure what to do with your character? SIM YO SELF.

Addon you need to have for simming (type /simc in game and copy it):

Raidbots (where you go when people say “well, did you sim it?”) The “top gear” function is AMAZING! :

Weak auras (super helpful addon for rotations, debuffs, etc):

Where to get weak auras:

If you’re having trouble navigating any of these resources, feel free to ask questions in the Geek Lyfe community!

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