Elevator Pitch

Emerald Templars is a dark fantasy Table Top Role Playing game that will use the Cortex RPG system. This setting features various cultures that are often under or misrepresented in the fantasy genre. There is a heavy effort to shatter the normal fantasy tropes to offer players a refreshing experience. It is currently a work in progress made by DeAngelo Murillo, a fourth-generation Mexican-American from Phoenix, Arizona. The Kickstarter is set to launch in Fall of 2021.

What is Emerald Templars?

The Emerald Templars are made up of normal commoners whose task it is to safeguard their lands from the effects of chaos magic. Fortunately/unfortunately, magic is very easy to access and can be unstable in untrained hands. Through abuse or simple carelessness of magic spirits can be summoned, portals to other worlds can be opened, storms can be unleashed, and more.

The players will create their own Emerald Templar to embark on harrowing missions to address unstable magic in their area. The more they succeed, the higher in rank they achieve to allow their characters to fulfill their greatest ambition.

How is it different from other dark fantasy TTRPGs?

  • What makes Emerald Templars unique from other systems is that it leans heavily on cultures that are either under or misrepresented in typical fantasy(Egyptian/Middle Eastern/Aztec/Mayan/Inca/African/Native American/Japanese/Korean/Chinese cultural influences are all heavily featured in the core book).
  • LGBTQ relationships and characters are normalized in the world of the Emerald Templars.
  • The world is mostly a matriarchy meaning that most of the world leaders are women.
  • Mental health is a major factor in the game due to these commoners having to face incredible dangers constantly. They will need to tend to not only their physical wounds but seek help through therapy in one form or another. Otherwise, they will have breakdowns which will hinder the party.
  • The artwork and writing will be done by mostly POC creators.


What kind of dice system is it?

  • Cortex RPG
      • What is Cortex Prime? Imagine a world-building tabletop RPG system where you and your players choose the genre, build the game, and forge the story from a set of modular rules mechanics. Cortex Prime helps you create a one-of-kind experience tailored to the way you and your friends like to play to bring to life an experience you will never forget.

        From the creators of D&D Beyond and continuing the award-winning Cortex legacy, Cortex Prime provides a complete game toolkit that is:

        • Fast, featuring in-depth examples, illustrations, and tips
        • Easy for everyone to play and rewarding to master
        • Versatile, with hundreds of modular, customizable components

        Cortex Prime offers the options you need to harness the power of your imagination and inspire new stories, from single-session one-shots to epic adventures spanning years.


Why did you create Emerald Templars?

As a lifelong fan of the fantasy and TTRPG genre, I never felt fully represented by anything I saw. Most fantasy settings revolve around Eurocentric themes and often times when other cultures are showcased, it is misrepresented. Sometimes certain cultures are never represented at all. This left me upset that mainstream game companies did not feel the need to create content for the chunk of the fanbase that are POC and/or LGBTQ.

After waiting years for change and only seeing slight progress I decided that enough was enough. If no one else would represent my heritage in the positive light that I always wanted, then I would do it. Not only that but I would also carve out various other places in the setting for other cultures. I will also find writers and artists who felt the same as me and give they the space and funds to contribute to ensure this is made by the community, for the community.

What do you need to make this happen?

In order to make Emerald Templars a reality, I will need funds for the following:

  • Printing/shipping of softcover books 200 units – $2000
  • A budget for art – $2250
    • I will be commissioning artists to bring various aspects of the book to life and also paying their commercial fee.
  • A budget for writers – $2250
  • Kickstarter’s fee – $500
  • Cortex RPG’s Licensing Fee – $500 (Subject to change as Cortex provides additional information)

How are you going to get the funds?

On October 15th I will be launching my Kickstarter for Emerald Templars with the asking price of $8000. Here are the following backer rewards:

  • $20 – PDF Version
  • $40 – Physical Copy
  • $55 – Emerald Templar Umbral Oculus d6
  • $75 – Full Emerald Templar Umbral Oculus dice set
  • $100 – Help name a Monster or Spell/Prayer/Technique
  • $125 – Emerald Templar Dice Tray by Nerdy EDC (Limit 10)
  • More options to come!