Elevator Pitch

Emerald Templars is a dark fantasy Table Top Role Playing Game. This setting features various cultures that are often under or misrepresented in the fantasy genre. There is a heavy effort to shatter the normal fantasy tropes to offer players a refreshing experience. It is currently a work in progress made by DeAngelo Murillo, a fourth-generation Mexican-American from Phoenix, Arizona. 

Who are the Emerald Templars?

The Emerald Templars are made up of normal commoners whose task it is to safeguard their lands from the effects of chaos magic. Fortunately/unfortunately, magic is very easy to access and can be unstable in untrained hands. Through abuse or simple carelessness of magic spirits can be summoned, portals to other worlds can be opened, storms can be unleashed, and more.

The players will create their own Emerald Templar to embark on harrowing missions to address unstable magic in their area. The more they succeed, the higher in rank they achieve to allow their characters to fulfill their greatest ambition.

How is it different from other dark fantasy TTRPGs?

  • Nations, monsters, and fantasy inspired by real-life cultures written by POC writers.
  • Chaos Magic, Valor, and True Faith tables ensure every session will be unique.
  • A focus on maintaining mental health via therapy, art, and more.
  • Writing and artwork by indie creatives.