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Five Tips That Could Help You Beat the House at Its Own Game

A night at the casino is one of the post popular ways to spend an evening if you are looking for sophisticated fun with friends or loved ones. We all like to pretend to be James Bond for a night, and the possibility of scooping a big win adds an extra element of excitement.

But we all know deep down that there is one golden rule of casinos – the house always wins. After all, it is a business just like any other, and in order to survive, it needs to take in more money than it gives out. Having said that, though, this is a sector that is now far more crowded and competitive than it used to be. The proliferation of online casino sites means there are all sorts of special offers and activities available, from free spins to live casino games with real dealers. Some of these can shift the odds in your favor if you know how to play smart.

Scoop up the bonuses

When choosing a site on which to play online, you will be faced with a dizzying array of choices. Select one that offers a generous welcome bonus package. In particular, look out for “no deposit” bonus offers. These essentially place credit on your account that allow you to start playing – and potentially winning – without putting any money down of your own. In short you can’t lose. Just be aware that you will usually be expected to “re-invest” any winnings a set number of times before you can actually withdraw them as cash.

Choose your game wisely

Each game has a different “house edge” – this is the difference between the odds of you winning and the payout if you do. Choosing the right game can, therefore, have a big impact on your chances of beating the house. Roulette is a prime example, with the two types of wheel in operation. The European wheel has one zero, while the American wheel has two. Most casinos, whether land based or virtual offer both sorts. With two zeros, the house edge is 5.3 percent, while with one, it is just 2.7 percent. So if you have a choice, always choose European roulette to boost your chances.

Learn your craft

Some games are purely down to chance, while others also have a skill element. A perfect example here is blackjack. Most people will tell you the house edge here is around two percent. However, if you play using basic strategy, you can reduce this by half. Experts in the game who delve deeper into the strategic side can reduce it even further to 0.5 percent or even less.

Stick to your plan

Even in a game that is purely chance based, such as roulette, you can adopt a strategy when it comes to how much you are betting and when you are going to walk away. The most important lesson of all is to stick to it. Keep the head ruling over the heart, and don’t suddenly change your plans if things suddenly go very well or very badly.  

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