Get ready for an 80s revival in 2020

The decade that brought us home computers and the DeLorean is set for a major revival in 2020 across every area of entertainment. So dig out your shoulder pads, big hair and pink Lycra, put a tape into the VHS player and prepare to be transported back to the days when OJ Simpson was a role model, Michael J Fox was a time traveler and girls just wanted to have fun.


Bill and Ted Face the Music

Despite going on to mega-stardom in Speed, The Matrix trilogy and the John Wick movies, Keanu Reeves has always acknowledged that the Bill and Ted movies were the most fun to make. It will be and most excellent to see him and Alex Winter reunited to reprise the roles from Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey. Most of the supporting cast from the originals will also be back, including William Sadler as The Grim Reaper. Inevitably, that will make the absence of the late George Carlin all the more poignant. 


Street Fighter II Slot 

When Bill and Ted hit the big screen for the first time, many of us were having excellent adventures of our own on our Segas, and Street Fighter was the game that defined the late 80s and early 90s. Thirty years on, many of the most popular slots games have a retro feel designed to appeal to older gamers, and Netent’s reimagining of Street Fighter II is aimed squarely at that market. It promises characters, gameplay and graphics that are faithful to the original and is due for release in May. 


Coming 2 America

Eddie Murphy could not do a thing wrong in the 80s, and the original Coming to America showed him at the height of his powers. This sequel is one of two roles Murphy is set to reprise (Netflix has promised us the long-awaited Beverley Hills Cop 4, too) and features Jermaine Fowler as the Prince’s long-lost street-smart son from Queens. Filming wrapped at the end of last year and it is scheduled for release in December. 


Aerosmith and Run DMC

Let’s be honest, even in the 80s, Aerosmith were seen as retro. However, their collaboration with Run DMC for Walk This Way brought them to a young 80s audience and was, at the time, a whole new type of music, combining rap and rock in a way that had never been done before. They reunited at the Grammy Awards last month, and given that the boys from Boston are still touring after 50 years together, there’s every chance it could be more than a one-off. 


Top Gun: Maverick

In the mid 80s, 57-year old Roger Moore was widely ridiculed for turning out one last time as James Bond in A View to a Kill. That same year, Tom Cruise was playing the role that catapulted him to stardom as Maverick Mitchell in Top Gun. Fast forward to today, and Cruse is now 57 himself, and back in that iconic role. That, however, is where the parallels end. While Moore became something of a self parody in later years, Cruise’s acting has got better and better. It’s going to be a revelation to catch up with Maverick again after all this time.

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