Horror Cosplay Shoot

Facebook Event

We had such a fantastic time earlier this year for our Cosplay Swim Suit Shoot that we wanted to make a Horror cosplay event as well! We struggled to figure out what location to use that would benefit everyone involved. However, thanks to the incredible Alex Davis of Courtex Studios, we’ll be having our event at Fear Farm!

That is right, the wonderful folks over at Fear Farm will be allowing us to hold this event at their location! Our event is one of but a handful that Fear Farm has allowed to be there so we are going to do our very best to throw a super awesome cosplay photo shoot event! The date of this event is Sunday, September 17th and we have absolutely no wiggle room for this date due to how close the actual event for Fear Farm begins! We are allowed a majority of the venue that is massive and has multiple locations with various horror aesthetics!

We can only have a maximum of so many people at the event so we do have a hard cut off! If you are interested I recommend snagging your spot as soon as you can before it fills up!

For basic human needs the port a potties will be open and food will be pizza unless we can work our magic and get something even more dope!

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NOTE** If you have a discount code, be sure to include it in the form message box and we’ll send the over payment back to you! 🙂 Be sure to include your name, cosplay name(If you have one), and which three photographers you prefer in the order of priority. You