How Does the PS Vita Fare in 2021?

Sony’ PS Vita might have been a commercial disaster, but even after a decade of being released in the Japanese market, the device continues to live on. So, what is it like owning a PS Vita in 2021? Are there any games worth waiting for? We’re analyzing the different aspects of playing on the hand-held device at the beginning of the decade, including game prices, hardware capability, and more.

What’s the Gaming Experience Like After a Decade?

Despite paltry sales figures, the PS Vita has always been regarded as a well-made portable console. Unlike most commercial failures, the Vita is lauded as the right product launched at the wrong time. That is to say, Sony introduced the device long before smartphones and the internet were easily available, which reduced the gaming library and the scope of utilization. And there is nothing wrong with the product itself!

When you consider that the device launched in 2011, it doesn’t feel as dated despite the decade-long gap. The OLED screen is quite impressive when you compare it with period-correct devices and continues to shine to a certain extent to this day. It goes without saying that it’s incomparable with modern 4K UHD or Retina displays.

Furthermore, the PS Vita retains its speed unlike legacy consoles like the PS3, meaning browsing is still a breeze and the games load quickly enough. Although Sony took the time out to modernize the Vita with software updates, the device can neither connect to the PS Store, nor the PlayStation network. Buying the device in 2021 is like half time / full time, meaning you win some, lose some.

While PS Vita games are still quite enjoyable, you must take the hardware’s age into account. Games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Spelunky, and Rogue Legacy, although enjoyable, are almost ten years old and look dated when compared to titles on the Nintendo Switch. Quite a few PS2 ports feel right at home on the Vita. Some of the more prominent titles include Persona 4 Golden, Final Fantast X HD, Tearaway, Freedom Wars, and Soul Sacrifice Delta to name a few.

Is it Worth Buying a PS Vita in 2021?

If you’re considering buying a PS Vita in 2021, you must first take a look at the software catalog. Despite being discontinued in 2019, there are a rising number of new games in the pipeline. And although no major studios have announced their plans to develop new titles for the consoles, countless indie game makers take an active interest in keeping the platform alive.

At the end of the day, the PS Vita has stood the test of time quite well. If you’re looking to buy a console today make sure you’re abreast with the associated costs. Software purchases can get a tad expensive and you also have to consider the prices of dedicated memory cards. The PS Vita itself is quite enjoyable and elegant and has managed to retain its value over the years. On the flip side, you might have to pay a little more than you had hoped for the privilege.


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