How to Support Small Businesses During This Trying Time

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Recently we wrote an article called Fantastic Small Businesses and Where to Find Them and it blew up. We’re so grateful that so many people were interested in checking out so many indie online stores however we feel that we have to go a step further. It is not enough to simply know of them but we must actively support small businesses during these trying times. Right now there is a lot of doom and gloom around the coronavirus and the quarantine we are required to participate in as the best minds in the world race to find a vaccine. But while we are focusing on press release after press release, a very real threat is growing right under our noses.


Businesses big and small are suffering right now because events are being canceled and everyone is staying indoors but the difference is that the big businesses have the ability to weather the storm for a

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long time while indie owners could falter with a couple of months of bad sales. We here at The Geek Lyfe are in full support of having the back those who own their own shops and we want to do whatever we can to assist. With the power of the written word, we hope this helps our community band together to keep our brothers and sisters afloat while this terrible virus is fought.


Deliberately Choose Indie

The first major step is outright choosing to shop at an independent business for whatever your wants/needs might be. Looking for an art piece? Streamer? Music? Meal? Chances are that there will be a small business that can get you what you need and would appreciate your patronage ten times more than the mainstream franchise. Not to mention the quality of work is often the same if not better in a lot of cases.

It is as easy as going to your favorite search engine and typing in the keywords and location. Before you know it, you’ll find tons of folks who can help you out!


Follow Them On Social Media

The next best thing you can do is follow the small indie shops on social media so you can consider their products or services in the future. Whether it be for a sale they host or new projects that caught your eye, having a direct feed to what they are up to will help you find what you need to help with repeat business.


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Share Their Content

A lot of times when we have a bad experience, we have no problem taking the time to write a nasty review. However, that time and energy should also be used when we have a great experience with a business. Sharing them on your own social media goes even further because those who have your trust will then also consider their work and may lead to new customers.  Taking out your cell phone to write up kind words and rating them helps validate their services to others in the community.


Tell Them You Enjoy Their Work

As creators, we face an immense amount of self-doubt, especially when times aren’t the best. A few genuine words of appreciation and gratitude are priceless and practically food for your soul that causes you to keep your chin up and work even harder. There is only ever a benefit to giving thanks to business owners for their service!


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We hope these tips help you to help others! Even a single sale might mean the difference between going under and staying strong for these businesses!

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