“It takes two”, aka the genius of an immigrant videogame designer

It takes two, Lebanese origin and Swedish upbringing, to create one Josef Fares. Genially creative, provocative, often foul-mouthed (his “f… the Oscars” outburst will never be forgotten), Feras started as a film director and moved on to videogame designing. His third creation, “It takes two”, has just been released under the banner of his indie Hizelight Studios. Co-op in gaming is what Feras is interested in. No wonder then that the inspiration this time was: how to fix a broken relationship by forcing two estranged partners to cooperate.


A marriage can easily go awry, alas. When you are on your honeymoon, everything is rosy and exciting. You can play all sorts of games with your newlywed spouse, and you will not go wrong. You can pay a visit to all-promo-codes.com and have the time all your life playing all day long. As the years go by, though, life events can make you drift apart, just as May and Cody, the protagonists of Fares’s game. The setup is provoking from the start, since in this couple May is the breadwinner and Cody the caring, stay-at-home partner. She is an overworked engineer, accused by her husband of being only focused on business and not giving her family enough time. He is also burdened by the failure of his greenhouse nursery project, an attempt to run a business from home while taking care of Rose, the couple’s partner.


Rose is the one who sets the adventure in motion. When May and Cody inform her of their intention to divorce, the broken-hearted little girl fashions two dolls with scrap materials, representing her parents. A book she has purchased, “The Book of Love” by a mysterious Dr. Hakim, represents a magical grimoire in her imagination. Rose asks the book for help: “They HAVE to stay together.” When she starts crying, her teardrops activate the inanimate objects. May and Cody are magically transferred into the dolls and wake up, horrified, in their house’s shed. They meet the now animated book, aka Dr. Hakim, who has grown a nice mustache, bushy eyebrows, lively eyes, and a chatty mouth. He informs the (former) loving couple that they need to fix their relationship if they want to go back home.


The unwilling two just brush aside the idea and begin their adventure to try and go back to Rose, whom they can see upstairs. From this point, all sorts of crazy situations will happen to them. From the cellar through forests and other scenarios, May and Cody will interact with further animated objects, animals, and other funny characters. Above all, they will have to learn that “we are better together”. Two players of the interactive adventure will impersonate in this original discovery journey. The videogame is based on a split-screen architecture and can be played online or from the couch. There is also an interesting bonus, the Friend’s Pass: for every gaming couple it is sufficient that one owns the game, while the partner can hop on for free. Talk the talk, walk the walk, e.i. Fares is serious in his crusade in favor of cooperation.

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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: http://thegeeklyfe.com | info@thegeeklyfe.com | http://twitch.tv/the_geek_lyfe

Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: http://thegeeklyfe.com | info@thegeeklyfe.com | http://twitch.tv/the_geek_lyfe

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