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Welcome home! How was your May? We’re still in the midst of lots of ongoing current events but it’s important to take breaks every now and then! If you’re new, my name is Maid Marcy! I’m your favorite orange maid at Sumuji Cafe and I’ve been virtually traveling the country to visit other maid cafes! I am traveling to the Northeast Coast AND the world wide web as this next cafe is on BOTH! This week, we have a maid cafe with a gaming and stream theme, Pixel Pop Maid Cafe! They’re a cafe full of MAID STREAMERS! I am very curious about what an online video game themed maid cafe is like, so let’s see what they are about!

Could you please introduce yourself and where you are located?

We are Pixel Pop Maid Café, a video game-centric maid café that serves as a saving point for all adventurers. At our café, we offer a variety of entertainment that includes dancing to your favorite Project Mirai song, or rapping to “Pumpkin Hill” from Sonic Adventure 2! Also, we stream often because we’re all GAMERS! 

What type of events do you attend?

We have delved in many things and always bring games to play at each convention. We’ve held a restaurant pop-up event during the convention Magfest, as well as appeared at sci-fi conventions like Escape Velocity. But, you can always find us online because we live in a virtual world.

Where did the name and theme come from?

What do all games have? Pixels! And “Pop” refers to our lively energy as we want you to experience the same feeling as when you opened your very first video game! Ask any of our maids what they’re playing and please catch one of our streams on our Twitch.


 Can you tell us about the uniform design?

The cyan blue of our uniform gives us the most “pop!” This super bright color is meant to be reminiscent of a cyber aesthetic, and draws inspiration from the famous Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. Our maids enjoy customizing their uniforms with fandom pins, unique backpacks, and adorable wristlets.

 How many members do you currently have? Do you have both maids and butlers?

We have over 13 maids, with more to come!

What specifically inspired you to start a cafe?

Pixel Pop Maid Café came from our extensive love of board games and video games. We’ve always been in love with the concept of “moe” or cuteness, but we wanted to add a sense of “cool” as well. We wanted to offer a place where anyone can talk about their love for gaming and meet other gamers. With our combined knowledge of café experience, gaming experience, and our love of everything cute – we created Pixel Pop!

What’s a fun memory that occured during an event?

Every memory with our heroes is a fun memory! But, the brightest smiles happen during our games of Jenga! Its considered a “must have” game at many maid cafes and we enjoy it’s competitive edge.

Do you have a favorite convention or event that you have been to? (Such as a convention/event that hosts your group every year and have fond memories of)

We simply loved all our events so far since we are still budding into the scene! Every event has something unique and new to offer to us, and we are happy to do the same!

How is the group staying active during these tough times?

Although some of our events may have been cancelled, it hasn’t lowered our HP! We are active on various social media platforms and are constantly sharing new content, so come check us out!

Will this be a first time venture into online content, or does the cafe have experience with live content?

We have been holding weekly streams since the start of our café which include gaming on Twitch and makeup lives on Instagram. To connect more with our heroes, we’ve recently started a discord which we hope to hold online café events soon (PM us if you would like to join).

Where can we find you online?

Instagram: pixelpopmaidcafe

Twitch: pixelpopmaidcafe

Facebook: pixelpopmaidcafe

Discord: PM us on facebook or instagram

Twitter: maidpixel

Business email:

WOW, a “moe” and “cool” maid cafe that goes perfectly together like a console and controller! I love that they really emphasize the “cyber” internet aesthetic with maids, so creative and cute! If you are also like me, I am using my time at home to explore different live streamers and content creators. Pixel Pop Maid Cafe is always churning out those streams and posts! I will definitely follow them on Twitch and join their Discord, live maid cafe events sound so fun! Sometimes, a maid herself needs to enjoy the company of other maids to bring magic into their lives. That’s it for this little part of The Geek Lyfe, I am off to my next maid-cation, until next time! Moe Moe Kyun!

Be sure to check out more awesome content from Maid Marcy and the whole crew over at Sumuji Cafe by checking out their social media pages! FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

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