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Making Your Passion For Geekery Into A Viable Business

If you have a passion for all things geeky from GOT, to Anime, to D&D, it likely takes up much of your life. However, what you may not have thought of is transforming this passion into a real-life money-making business.  The good news is that there is a ton of people out there doing this already. In fact, you can find out all about how to thrive as a geek business in the post below. 

Take a professional approach. 

First of all, just because you are making a business out of your passion, doesn’t give you the excuse to not take it seriously. In fact, if you want your business to be viable and generate income over the long term, you absolutely need to take a professional approach. 

This will entail creating a business plan before you begin, as well as registering for permissions and taxes in your local area. 

You may even wish to use an address service like the one at physicaladdress.com for your business. The benefits being that not only can it help to give a more professional impression, but it also allows you to keep on top of business correspondence easily. The reason being that virtual mailboxes often integrate with IOS and Android app such as Evernote. 

Get your work (and name) out there. 

The brutal truth of making a go of a business in today’s market is that it often takes a lot of hard graft before you see any profit coming in. In fact, one of the most challenging tasks will be getting your product out there and recognized by the right people. 

Yes, there is a geek community and particular fandoms that you can use for this. However, do remember that you can end up fighting for a spot with many other people doing a similar thing. 

To that end, making sure that your product and your entire business service stand out is vital. This means you need to be able to identify and advertise its USPs. Something you can go to sites like findmyshift.com to get some advice on how to do. 

Consider different monetization streams. 

One of the great things about the current market is there are a whole range of financial models to consider. 

The first is to sell physical products that you make. In fact, OOAK items that are handmade can do particularly well here, including artworks, sculptures, and board game-related ephemera. Although many businesses also do a brisk trade on lower-priced items such as branded merch as well. Example of which you can see at fashionista.com

Another monetization stream to consider for your business is advertising and product placement. Something that can work particularly well with products such as videos played on Youtube or Twitch, and even in the breaks between segments of podcasts. In fact, you will see many gloriously geek-focused podcasts. One example of the being the now famous Critical Role which you can access at https://critrole.com/podcast/. A D&D dramatised games that use advertising as one way to keep themselves financially viable.  

Of course, there are other streams to consider as well, such as Patreon, and the reality is that many geek oriented businesses choose to combine more than one of these streams. Something that can help them to maximize their income, and so ensure they remain as viable as possible.

Darth Mexican loves trying to help the community in any way he can. Marching for Black Lives Matter, attending rallies for LGBTQ rights, protesting what he feels hurts the common folk, and more! DeAngelo won't stop until the world is a better place!

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