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Method Announces Their Race to World First Live Stream for Battle of Dazar’alor

Last September, Method made history. They were the first World of Warcraft guild to live stream their raid progression, as they pushed for world first kills. In all of WoW’s history, this race had always been a closely guarded secret. Guilds were extremely cautious and nervous about their strategies being leaked or shared to their competition. Method took a huge risk in being the only truly cutting edge guild to be streaming their progress, and they succeeded in getting the world first kill of the last boss in Uldir, G’huun, much to the enjoyment of the hundreds of thousands of viewers on Twitch.

Starting on Wednesday, January 30th, the excitement begins again with a new race in the brand new raid, Battle of Dazar’alor.

There will be multiple raid members streaming their own points of view as well as the main Method Twitch channel featuring live shoutcasting and discussion. For more information, including the impressive list of sponsors for the event, check out Method’s official post. For the whole list of channels that will be streaming for Method, check out Method’s raid progress page.

If you’re looking for some more casual coverage of the new raid, check out The Geek Lyfe’s guild progress on my stream every Thursday and Saturday from 6-9pm PST!


Cosplayer, gamer, streamer, procrastinator. Raid leader of the official Geek Lyfe World of Warcraft guild, Emerald Templars on Wyrmrest Accord.

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