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Overwatch Christmas Loot Boxes | The Quest For The Nutcracker (Video)


Quest for the Nutcracker:  The Mei-levolent Discovery


2016 has been filled with a lot of ups and downs.  Mostly downs for the majority of people.  There is one thing, however, that has been consistently good to us throughout the year.  Overwatch.

Blizzard has done an amazing job of keeping gamers enthralled in their games, and Overwatch has been no exception.  The assortment of different game modes have catered to a wide variety of gamers.  They have Quickplay for your typical gaming experience.  There’s Competitive mode for the more devout gamer. Blizzard has also included AI matches, for the casual experience of teaming up with other players to test your skills against bots of altering difficulty.  More recently, they’ve also added an Arcade mode to break up the monotony of pushing a payload or contesting a point.  This steady stream of free new content has kept players consistently coming back, and has definitely given fans of the game their money’s worth.  Blizzard could probably write the book on how to get players to keep coming back for more.

With that in mind, the Holiday season is particularly exciting for Overwatch players.  With Christmas around the corner, that means Christmas-themed loot boxes!!  I decided to take the liberty of purchasing some of these loot boxes; mostly for my own greedy desires, but partially so that I could record myself unlocking all 50 loot boxes for you all to enjoy!  There are a few great skins that I hoped I would unlock:  Elf Tracer, Santa Mei, Santa Torbjorn, Scrooge McCree (I just realized how close that is to Scrooge McDuck)… but there’s one skin in particular that truly stands above the rest.


Something about being able to hurl your nuts (har har) at other players’ faces is unusually, and maybe inappropriately, satisfying.  No matter what else is unlocked in these 50 loot boxes, this skin is the main goal.  The rest of the boxes could be filled with Harambe turds, for all I care. If one of them has a Nutcracker Zenyatta skin, I’ll consider it a win.  So that only leaves the question, did I get it?  Was I able to unlock the fabled winter ballet themed skin for Overwatch’s favorite robo-monk?  Well, I guess you’ll just have to watch the video to find out.

Also, you should probably watch all the way to the end for a pretty sinister discovery.



Gumbercules, or Gumbers for short, is a nerd that was est. in 1987. His interests include writing, drawing, playing guitar, singing in the car, PC and PS4 gaming, and talking about how he works out anytime he manages 10 push-ups in a day. He is also one of the founding members of Brostalgia, a YouTube series that you can find on our very own YouTube page, http://www.YouTube.com/TheGeekLyfe. Be sure to check out his and Powerforce's videos!

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