Phoenix by Night is a Vampire the Masquerade comedy mini series taking place from 6/19/2021 to 7/17/2021 live on Suzy MacLeod (Played by will be a young adult who is overworked, bitter, and depressed. She loves cosplay but last year she spent the whole year making a cosplay for a cosplay group aiming to win awards at Phoenix Comic Con, Arizona largest and most prominent convention. Days before the convention last year she was betrayed by her then best friend(Played by and kicked from the group for a more popular cosplayer.

They went on to win awards but the main character did not so she swore that this would be the year she takes home the gold for closure. But in her exhaustion she ends up almost dying at the wheel and is unexpectedly ’embraced’ by an infamous anarchist vampire on the run from the Camarilla. Thus starting Susie’s awkward journey of being a vampire yet still hellbent to compete in this one last cosplay contest before succumbing to the world of darkness.

Phoenix By Night features a roster of talented performers that will rotate each episode except for the main character, Tayrn Hackett. Each episode will be a comedic situation in which Suzy will be forced to delve deeper into the world of the supernatural in order to accomplish her goal of completing her dream cosplay.

Exhausted, Suzy MacLeod finds herself falling asleep at the wheel going 75 MPH on the freeway. While anyone else in this would face death, she happens to make some unlikely allies and get embraced into a vampire. However, her Sire demands she give up her mortal life for her new vampiric one. Faced with an impossible situation, Suzy must decide what her next steps are before it is too late.


Suzy MacLeod – Played by Tayrn Hackett


Ashley “Stormbringer” – Played by Cheshsmiles


Quinn Ruthersford – Played by DM_Screening


Dr. Jean Baseins – Played by Pond Plays

Reginold Xavier Gibson – Played by Casual Campbell

When the Baron of Phoenix discovers there was an illegal embrace, he swiftly summons Suzy to his court for judgement. Known for dealing out harsh punishments over petty crimes, Suzy fears that she might not live long enough to learn about her newfound powers let along finish her costume.

Looking to relax after a chaotic week of vampirism, Suzy decides to visit First Fridays. While taking in the sights and sounds of indie artists, she stumbles upon a unique venue offering tarot card readings. Unfortunately, this experience proves to be incredibly supernatural as a demon chases the young vampire along with some unlikely allies.


With only a week before Phoenix Comic Con, Suzy struggles to find the fabric she needs. To make matters worse, she has been assigned a body guard along with two vampire inspectors who are all smothering her to ensure she is safe and abiding by the masquerade. Meanwhile, rumor has it that a new age group of witches have moved in to assist women with mystical empowerment.


Phoenix Comic Con has arrived and Suzy scrambles to make it to the cosplay masquerade when an unexpected time change occurs. With the aid of her sire she prepares for her final act as a mortal: competing against Evie, her former best friend in front of judges and earning the victory that was denied her. However, not everything is what it seems to be for this event…

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