Puerto Rico is getting its superhero: meet Coquí

The first glimpse of the new Boricua hero has made it to the net. Chido Comics has revealed the first piece of cover art portraying the mysterious Coquí, confirming that the comic will also be adapted for an animated tv mini-series. We are almost there because pre-orders on Amazon are scheduled to start in May. The publisher has been very mysterious about this new project since they started to tease it in November 2020. Founder Ivan Plaza seems to know exactly what he is doing, so no use being impatient. You can as well go and enjoy a few daily free spins no deposit while you are waiting for more details to be unveiled. Here we are presenting what is known so far.


“After falling down a cliff in the mystical mountains of El Yunque, a young man is reborn, walking away with more than just his life. An extraordinary gift was bestowed upon him to protect his island in its darkest hour,” is all that Chido Comics has let out about the storyline. After the newest disclosure, we know the name of the young man: Axel Alvarado. We also know that he has a fiancee named Carmen and that she is a mechanical engineer. “She’s tweaking a few things for me,”  Coquí comments on his recently created FaceBook page. The accompanying picture shows what are probably hand prostheses equipped with a series of gadgets. The portrait of the superhero shows clearly he has frog-like hands and feet.


This detail offers a hint of what must have happened to Axel in the mysterious rain forest: he has acquired something from the coquí, the small jungle frog which is the symbol of Puerto Rico. Unlike other frogs, these little guys do not have palmed feet but clearly separated fingers. What special powers has Axel received during his dramatic transformation? Not a word on this so far. Another drawing pictures him getting ready to fire a slingshot. All hints point to an ecologic hero. We can expect to see him engaged in battles to protect the gorgeous Puerto Rican pristine nature.


Chido Comics prides itself in giving space to Latino themes, though its general focus is to create a wide variety of licensed & creator-owned comic books and graphic novels across all age groups and demographics. The independent boutique publisher, founded in 2016 by Ivan Plaza, strives “to bring high-quality, wicked-cool books to life and reach the broadest and worldwide audiences.” For the  Coquí project, Chido Comics entered a partnership with George Salinas’ Bridge Works Entertainment. This production company packages and executive-produces formats acquired from Europe, Latin America, and Asia for the US market.


The partnership between Salinas and Plaza was formed to create Latinx superhero stories, among other genres. “Latin culture has a lot to offer with many great artists coming up not being able to be seen,” Salinas explains. “We don’t have much representation to speak from in these areas, but I see the hunger of the industry to give us a platform. We need to create these platforms to develop and nurture the talent on every side.”


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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: http://thegeeklyfe.com | info@thegeeklyfe.com | http://twitch.tv/the_geek_lyfe

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