Recapitulating the Top 5 Tabletop RPGs of 2020

Tabletop role-playing enthusiasts had to make a few critical changes to their gaming style in 2020. This includes moving to virtual gaming sessions, suspending long-running games, or only playing with people in the vicinity. Regardless, there has been no dearth of new and enticing new RPG games, boxed sets, books, and expansions in the last few months.

Whether you’d like to try your hands at a new tabletop RPG or simply want to stay abreast with the latest releases till the time the pandemic is over, here’s our list of the top tabletop RPGs of 2020. For more variation, follow the link for the best skillz games.

Top 5 Tabletop RPGs of 2020

  1. Cyberpunk Red – Long before the title arrived on the console, Cyberpunk Red lived on as an RPG tabletop for decades. The latest iteration is a carefully-crafted RPG that needs no prior experience with the franchise for fans to get started. The title offers a direct gateway into a dark and dystopian future. The colored rulebook is inviting and perfectly balances the ads, anecdotes, and flavors of the gameplay. While innovative art helps bring the characters, weapons, and locations to life.
  2. Dishonored – If you’re familiar with Arkane Studios’ Dishonored, you’ll know the impact of history and fiction on the game. While the creator incorporated tantalizing gameplay with the plot, the universe is capable of narrating so many different stories. Emerging from the need is the Dishonored tabletop game which once again opens the path to explore the many dark and infested corners of the universe.
  3. Pathfinder Second Edition: Beginner Box – Paizo is renowned for its high production values and clear rules for presentations and the new edition of Pathfinder: Second Edition is no exception. The latest iteration splintered from the original title to create individual identity, prioritizing mechanical depth, and character customization. Pathfinder Second Edition is immensely rewarding for tabletop fanatics who want additional flexibility in their fantasy RPGs, without deviating from the core concepts.
  4. Vaesen – If you’re a fan of dungeons and old-school fantasies you can’t go wrong with Vaesen. Designed to replicate mythical Scandinavia in the 19th century, the title highlights fabled occurrences. Players step into the shoes of a supernatural detective who has the ability to see otherworldly beings like trolls, werewolves, and the kind. Vaesen uses a new variation of the Year Zero engine that is also found in Tales from the Loop, Forbidden Lands, and Mutant Year Zero.
  5. Fiasco – While the original version has been around for a few decades, a new edition rolled out earlier in 2020. The latest version retains all the drama and the disasters that were part of the original title but features a new card-based formula that is easier to master. Fiasco is perfect for players that don’t mind improvising and the title does an excellent job of showing how embracing a character’s failures is often the best way to master an RPG.
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