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Romantic Movies for Geeks: Films that Won’t Make You Want to Self Destruct!


Romantic Movies for Geeks: Films that Won’t Make You Want to Self Destruct!

Hello everyone!

As you all might have noticed…today is Valentine’s Day. Being the forever alone type person I am, I have always found it hard to find romantic movies to watch on said holiday. In general my entire being rejects romance movies with the fire of a thousand white hot burning suns, but I always feel like participating in some way during the festivities. That’s why I have compiled a short list of movies that Geeks like us can enjoy on this dreaded day of wuv love!

1. Her (2013)

Genre: Scifi/Romance

Directed by Spike Jonze

This love story set in the not so distant future stars Joaquin Phoenix as the lead Theodore Twombly and the lovely Scarlet Johnasson’s as the voice of his phone’s OS Samantha. Theodore is an introverted man who writes love letters for others for a living. Out of loneliness or boredom Theodore purchases a new highly adaptive OS for his phone. The OS names herself Samantha and the two slowly fall in love. Now I know a movie about someone falling seriously in love with their phone sounds mildly creepy, but trust me on this one. Her‘s slow and quiet tale of intimacy will definitely have you in tears by the end. Plus it won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay last year! Also here’s a hilarious parody that Jonah Hill did on SNL to give you a taste.


2. Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama

Directed by Craig Gillespie

One day I was scrolling through my suggested films category on Netlfix and somehow managed to stumble upon this little gem. Lars and the Real Girl was suggested to me as a comedy film by Netflix. DON’T BELIEVE THEM, IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. Lars and the Real Girl stars Ryan Gosling as a lonely office worker who mail orders a life size sex doll and makes her his real life girlfriend. Lars’ small hometown then proceeds to accept his new girlfriend into the community and the love he has for her. I know that you are all thinking “Ugh Ryan Gosling?”, but trust me this movie is so much more than just some rom-com. The relationship that Lars has with his doll girlfriend Bianca is so real that sometimes you forget that she isn’t a real person. I also know that you’re thinking “Man Spocktopus… Two movies in a row about falling in love with inanimate objects?”. I know, I know. But really just watch it and see for yourself! It’s so endearing! Lars and the Real Girl also got an Oscar nod for Best Original Screenplay back in 2007.

3. Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki

Genre: Fantasy/Anime

Howl’s Moving Castle is my absolute all time favorite Studio Ghibli movie guys. OF ALL TIME. It also happens to be one of the few movies that I enjoyed better than the book *GASP*! Howl’s Moving Castle follows the story of a young woman names Sophie Hatter who is cursed by an evil witch. Sophie’s curse makes her look incredibly old and forbids her from speaking of the curse. Although the curse is quite powerful Sophie is determined to break her curse. On her journey she meets the great wizard Howl and becomes her maid, causing many adventures to ensue. All in all Howl’s Moving Castle is a great Fantasy anime film directed by the great Hayao Miyazaki, but what really drew me in was Howl and Sophie’s relationship. They are complete opposites but they are able to see each other for who they really are, despite their curses. This film was nominated for Best Animated Film in 2004 and I HIGHLY recommend it.

4. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

Directed by Edgar Wright

Genre: Comics/Comedy/Romance

Ah, Scott Pilgrim how do I love thee? Not only do you have an awesome story, cast, and soundtrack, you are also super meme-worthy and quotable! Based off of the comic book of the same name by Bryan Lee O’Malley (Have you guys read his newest comics Seconds? It’s awesome too!), this film follows the life of Scott Pilgrim, a total slacker who is fighting for the right to date his dream girl, Ramona Flowers. LITERALLY FIGHTING. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is like a comic book, video game, and awesome movie all rolled into one. While Scott Pilgrim is all about trying to win the girl, the film also focuses on a lot of negative aspects of relationships as well. Scott doesn’t get to have the girl without going through a little bit of baggage himself, which I find wonderful! Watch the movie AND read the comics all in one day! Do eeeeeeeet. XD

5. WALL-E (2008)

Directed by Andrew Stanton

Genre: Scifi/ Animation

Yay Pixar! This animated film follows a small garbage compacter robot named WALL-E and his quest to be reunited with his true love EVE. While WALL-E has quite a few other messages in the film such as consumerism and environmentalism, the pure and innocent relationship between the two robots was what I found truly wonderful. Throughout the film, WALL-E was able to beautifully portray emotion without the use of words. WALL-E is a truly beautiful movie that makes you believe that someday you can find your other half, robot or otherwise. This film won Best Animated Film in 2008 and was nominated for a whole lot of other categories as well!

6. The Princess Bride (1987)

Directed by Rob Reiner

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy/Romance

Now how could this list be complete without The Princess Bride? It’d be inconceivable!! I think of The Princess Bride as a staple of any romance loving movie-goer. It’s just so classic! The Princess Bride is an epic, hilarious and heartfelt tale of one masked man’s quest to rescue his beloved Princess Buttercup from a band of outlaws. As far as classic fantasy romances go, you really can’t get any better than The Princess Bride. I dare you to watch it and not catch yourself saying “As you wish!” all the time afterwards. Just like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, this movie is quite quotable, so be prepared to die! … I mean to constantly be quoting this film after watching it. 😀


*Extra Bonus!!*

Futurama: Meanwhile (2013)

Directed by Peter Avazino

Genre: Scifi/Comedy

Perhaps one of the most gut wrenching and emotionally devastating episodes of all time, Meanwhile is my favorite Futurama episode involving Fry and Leela. I thought that Meanwhile was the perfect “ending” to Futurama and was absolutely beautiful. Fry and Leela are my all time favorite OTP and this episode made me love them even more. Damn them for making me sob so much! XD

Welp, that’s my list! Do you have any romantic movies that you think I missed? Have you watched all of these and what did you think? Let me know in the comments! 😀


2nd in command for Starship Geek Lyfe, Spocktopus is awesome incarnate. She loves all things geeky and has no problem letting the world know. Checking her bank account, you may be surprised by just how much of her finances goes to video games, various geeky box services, anime, manga, seasons of TV shows and so much more. Her passion far exceeds just being a spectator though as she actively cosplays, making crafts for different fandoms and even gifts for fellow Geek Lyfe fans for giveaways!

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